M.A. in Second Language Learning & Educational Technology

Public and Applied Humanities is honored to serve as the departmental home for the online interdisciplinary Master of Arts in Second Language Learning & Educational Technology (SLL/ET). SLL/ET trains second language professionals (foreign language as well as English as a second language) in the design and implementation of online and blended teaching materials.

Degree Requirements It is anticipated that most students entering this degree program will hold a BA degree in ESL or foreign language education or equivalent. Candidates will be required to complete 33 units.

Second Language Learning Courses (15 credits)

Core: Required (9 credits)
Second Language Teaching and Learning (Choose 1)
ENGL 555 - Methods I: Introduction to TESOL
SLAT 579 - Second/Foreign Language Teaching and Learning
Second Language Learning and Technology (Choose 1)
ENGL 589 - Internet Technologies in L2 Teaching and Learning
FREN 581 - Technology and Foreign Language Learning
SLAT 584 - Online Environments for Foreign Language Learning

SPAN 581c - Online Course Design for Advanced Language Courses

Electives (Choose 2 = 6 credits)
FREN 583 - Materials Design
FREN/SLAT 586 - Language Learning in Study Abroad Contexts
FREN/SLAT 578 - Literacy in L2/FL Classrooms: Theory, Research and Practice
GER 587 - Assessment in Second/Foreign Language Learning
PAH/SLAT - 574 Conceptualizing, Designing and Directing Foreign Language Programs
Educational Technology (15 credits)
Core: Required (Choose 3 = 9 credits)
ETCV 510 - Learning Theory in Instructional Design
ETCV 512 - Student Engagement in Online Learning Environments
ETCV 623 – Designing Online Learning Environments Electives (Choose 2 = 6 credits)
ETCV 511 - Learning Technologies in the Digital Age
ETCV 524 - Educational Gaming and Simulations
ETCV 530 - Multimedia Applications in Education
ETCV 538 - Mobile Technologies for Learning
ETCV 547 - Educational Evaluation
ETCV 614 - Emerging Technologies in Education

Portfolio (3 credits) -- > Independent study

Interested students should contact:
Dr. Mary Wildner-Bassett