Cyber-punk 2077 Pre-Launch Analysis

Fall 2020


PAH 331 - Video Game Studies: Critical/Cultural Approaches


Josh Zimmerman
In PAH 331 (Video Game Studies: Critical/Cultural Approaches), students engage with a broad range of different game studies theorists and methods. For his Honor's project for the course, Jackson Peters draws on computer game industry scholars as he explores how video games have reshaped our media and cultural landscapes in ways that extend beyond just the contents of the games themselves. In particular, Jackson analyzes the pre-release media blitz for the highly anticipated release of CD Projekt's Cyberpunk 2077. Through his video essay, Jackson shows how CD Projekt deploys events, celebrity endorsements, multimedia projects, and a wide variety of advertisements in an attempt to transform the release of their game into a full-blown cultural moment. Jackson's project highlights not only his potential as a game scholar, but also his continuing desire to develop his skills as a video editor and producer.
Jackson Ryan Peters
I am an Honors College student majoring in Journalism with a minor in Film & Television. I was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, and hope that attending the University of Arizona will help me achieve my goal of becoming a sports broadcasting personality.