The Department of Public & Applied Humanities recognizes three kinds of formal affiliation:

  • Internal Affiliates must hold a faculty appointment (tenure/tenure-track, continuing status, career track, visiting, adjunct) at the University of Arizona;
  • External Affiliates must hold a faculty appointment at an institution of higher education other than the University of Arizona;
  • Consulting Advisors must be recognized and credentialed experts in their field. Consulting Advisors may hold appointments within or outside of the University of Arizona.

Requests for affiliation must include:

  • CV (or résumé for Consulting Advisors);
  • Cover letter explaining why the person seeks formal affiliation and what specific benefits will accrue to the Department if the request is granted.

Affiliation requests will be assigned a sponsor (a core Public & Applied Humanities faculty member) by the Department Head. The sponsor will be responsible for presenting the request to the Department for consideration. Affiliation is granted by majority Departmental vote.

Affiliation is a courtesy, unpaid appointment and may be revoked at any time by majority Departmental vote. Affiliation does not guarantee access to or priority in teaching assignments or departmental resources.