Fashion Studies

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Interested in a career in the fashion industry? Want to express your sense of style while developing your creative, interpersonal, and business skills? Curious about fashion retailing, emerging fashion markets, and producing and marketing fashion ethically and sustainably, as well as the relationships between human culture and fashion? More than just seasonal trends, fashion is a cultural language, economic powerhouse, and artistic force felt worldwide. In the Applied Humanities Fashion Studies emphasis, you’ll acquire the tools you need to enter and shape the fashion industry of today and tomorrow.

Core Courses
  • PAH 200 Introduction to Applied Humanities (3 units)
  • PAH 201 Applied Humanities Practice: Techniques and Technologies for Public Enrichment (3 units)
  • PAH 372 Intercultural Competence: Culture, Identity, Adaptation, and Intercultural Relations (3 units)
  • PAH 383 Pre-Internship: Building Career Readiness (3 units)
  • PAH 420 Innovation and the Human Condition: Learning How to Improve Life in the Community and Beyond (3 units)
  • PAH 493 Internship (3 units)
  • PAH 498 Senior Capstone (3 units)
  • One elective (3 units) from the approved list
Emphasis Courses
  • FITS 204 Consumers, Fashion, and the Economy (3 units)
  • FITS 215 Mechanics of Fashion (3 units)
    • Only available in Fall (Main Campus)
  • FITS 333 Fashion Promotion (3 units)
    • Only available in Summer
    • Pre-requisite: FITS 215
  • FITS 335 Fashion Forecasting and Research Trends (3 units)
    • Only available in Summer
  • FITS 345 Science of Textiles (3 units)
    • Only available in Summer
  • FITS 435 Society, Culture and Fashion (3 units)
    • Only available in Summer
    • Pre-requisite: FITS 215

Emphasis courses cannot also count toward a minor in Fashion Studies from the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences.

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