Student Projects

Fall 2020
  • Victoria Almanza
  • Erin McDaniel
  • Maddy Niffenegger
  • Samantha Taylor
  • Bruno Villafuerte
  • Ellie Weil
  • Julia Wilkinson
PAH 150A3 - The Great Outdoors: Improving Health, Wellness, and Creativity by Living Life Outside
From physicians and neuroscientists to poets and songwriters, people around the world have long expressed how even brief immersion in nature can improve the human condition. This course--PAH 150A3 The Great Outdoors: Improving Health, Wellness, and Creativity by Living Life Outside--explores humanities artifacts, including essays, poetry, podcasts, memes, songs, public art, and other creative...
Fall 2020
  • Jackson Ryan Peters
PAH 331 - Video Game Studies: Critical/Cultural Approaches
In PAH 331 (Video Game Studies: Critical/Cultural Approaches), students engage with a broad range of different game studies theorists and methods. For his Honor's project for the course, Jackson Peters draws on computer game industry scholars as he explores how video games have reshaped our media and cultural landscapes in ways that extend beyond just the contents of the games themselves. In...
Fall 2020
  • Makenna Aitken
PAH 160 - Play: An Interactive Introduction
Play is perhaps the most foundational problem-solving and meaning-making practice humans engage in. In PAH 160D1 (Play: An Interactive Introduction), students explore the history of play, it's connections to education and human development, and the ways that play can be used to improve our lives and our communities. For her Honor's project in the course, Makenna Aitken explores how the...
Summer 2020
  • Cameron Bly
  • Zachery Braaten-Schuettpelz
  • Pierson Brackpool
  • Angelo Bravo
  • Eve Chase
  • Logan Coddington
  • Matthew Cortez
  • Ryland Dodge
  • Hanna Drue
  • Dori Enzler
  • Blake Farfan
  • Dominic Fiore
  • Braulio Flores
  • Hayli Gibson
  • Jordan Goldman
  • Nathan Grossman
  • Carly Hartman
  • Kaden Hopson
  • Josh Kahn
  • Brandon Kaplan
  • Ashwin Khawani
  • Tina Le
  • Xylia Marquez
  • Kyle McCarthy
  • Kurt Nacionales
  • Eliana Ortiz
  • Elianna Perez
  • Hunter Pesqueira
  • Paula Rhyne
  • Noah Salinas
  • Jacob Sichmeller
  • Dustin Taylor
  • Kyle Tremose
  • Hanna Wietsma
  • Kaylee Wilt
  • Alex Wu
PAH 160D3 - Memes: The Art and Craft of Microstorytelling
The idea of the "meme" was coined by Richard Dawkins in the 1970s to describe units of culture that replicated in a similar way to genetic material—things like catch phrases, clothing fashions, or slogans. The term has since come to primarily mean internet memes, the vast world of audiovisual and textual material that is copied and reinterpreted by internet users under the logics of...
Fall 2019
  • Genevieve Craven
  • Julia Cavallaro
  • Keeley Howe
  • Lindsey Riordan
  • Veronica Jackson
PAH 200 - Introduction to Applied Humanities
The UA Memo­r­ial MAP Pro­ject is a humanist ini­tia­tive to doc­u­ment and reconnect with the unique memorials on the Uni­ver­sity of Arizona campus. We have embedded a virtual map of cultural and historical memorials on and around our University of Arizona campus. This map provides locations, pictures, and descriptions of many of the monuments and memorials one may experience or see on campus....