Student Projects

Game Creation

Spring 2024

Lindsey Marie Bell

PAH 331 - Video Game Studies: Critical/Cultural Approaches

Students in PAH 331 explore a wide range of ways to study video games and, for their final project, they are tasked with identifying a specific audience to whom they will teach one of those approaches. For her project, Lindsey decided to teach about… Learn More


Spring 2023

The Spring 2023 iteration of Bloom was another insightful celebration of student creativity and public engagement, showcasing projects across PAH classes, internships, and more! The Spring 2023 event was curated by Professors Jacqueline Barrios and… Learn More

Spring 2023

Emily Abraham

PAH 150A3 - The Great Outdoors: Improving Health, Wellness, and Creativity by Living Life Outside

Students enrolled in PAH 150A3 "The Greater Outdoors: Improving Health, Wellness, and Creativity by Living Life Outside" get the opportunity to imagine design, implement, and evaluate their own public-facing applied project, creatively connecting… Learn More


Spring 2023

Tylea Jorgenson

PAH 160D1 - Play: An Interactive Introduction

In Play: An Interactive Introduction, students think critically about how we conceive of and understand play, including how it can be utilized in a range of contexts, such as facilitating learning, building community, and addressing social… Learn More


Spring 2023

PAH 160D1 - Play: An Interactive Introduction

In my Spring 2023 iteration of Play: An Interactive Introduction, students worked in groups to develop, test, and analyze a play experience in partnership with community partner the Children’s Museum Tucson (CMT). Working within several of their… Learn More

Bloom 2022

Spring 2022

An annual event, Bloom offers PAH students an opportunity to showcase their public and applied humanities projects, pollinating ideas with peers, faculty, and community partners. This year's event was curated by Professors Jacqueline Barrios and… Learn More

Back & Forth Image

Spring 2022

Abiel Marquez

PAH 150A1 - Video Game Sights, Sounds & Stories

Video games present seemingly endless possibilities for exploration and study. In PAH 150A1, we begin to unravel some of that fascinating complexity by learning about how games are made, how they are studied, and how they affect the world. In his… Learn More

A Student Parent Experience Project Image

Spring 2022

Darionne Williams

PAH 201 - Applied Humanities Practice: Techniques & Technologies for Public Enrichment

There is a small yet not so small population in the United States that must work at least twice as hard as their peers. I'm referring to college students who are also parents. I wanted to make a meaningful project showing the lives of these students… Learn More


Fall 2021

Garrett Szura
Nya Thomas
Victoria Almanza
Katelyn Tippett
Maki Bispham
Shannon Vivoda
Morgan Burke
Jacobo Castelo
Jacqueline Chaparro
Gabbi Ciadella
Kylee Cook
Grace Driskill
Dyllon Enos
Victoria Gifford
Cassidy Johnson
Sydney Johnson
Logan McAvoy
Caitlin Mitsue

PAH 160D5 - Bedtime: Exploring the Cultures & Practices of Sleep

The need for sleep is ubiquitous and part of everyday existence. Like many things that are part of our routine, however, we rarely take the time to consider sleep critically: Why do we sleep? Is sleep different from culture to culture? In what ways… Learn More


Fall 2020

Victoria Almanza
Erin McDaniel
Maddy Niffenegger
Samantha Taylor
Bruno Villafuerte
Ellie Weil
Julia Wilkinson

PAH 150A3- The Great Outdoors: Improving Health, Wellness & Creativity by Living Life Outside

From physicians and neuroscientists to poets and songwriters, people around the world have long expressed how even brief immersion in nature can improve the human condition. This course--PAH 150A3 The Great Outdoors: Improving Health, Wellness, and… Learn More


Fall 2020

Makenna Aitken

PAH 160 - Play: An Interactive Introduction

Play is perhaps the most foundational problem-solving and meaning-making practice humans engage in. In PAH 160D1 (Play: An Interactive Introduction), students explore the history of play, it's connections to education and human development, and the… Learn More


Fall 2020

Jackson Ryan Peters

PAH 331 - Video Game Studies: Critical/Cultural Approaches

In PAH 331 (Video Game Studies: Critical/Cultural Approaches), students engage with a broad range of different game studies theorists and methods. For his Honor's project for the course, Jackson Peters draws on computer game industry scholars as he… Learn More


Summer 2020

Jordan Goldman
Jacob Sichmeller
Nathan Grossman
Dustin Taylor
Cameron Bly
Carly Hartman
Kyle Tremose
Zachery Braaten-Schuettpelz
Kaden Hopson
Hanna Wietsma
Pierson Brackpool
Josh Kahn
Kaylee Wilt
Angelo Bravo
Brandon Kaplan
Alex Wu
Eve Chase
Ashwin Khawani
Logan Coddington
Tina Le
Matthew Cortez
Xylia Marquez
Ryland Dodge
Kyle McCarthy
Hanna Drue
Kurt Nacionales
Dori Enzler
Elianna Perez
Dominic Fiore
Hunter Pesqueira
Braulio Flores
Paula Rhyne
Hayli Gibson
Noah Salinas

PAH 160D3 - Memes: The Art & Craft of Microstorytelling

The idea of the "meme" was coined by Richard Dawkins in the 1970s to describe units of culture that replicated in a similar way to genetic material—things like catch phrases, clothing fashions, or slogans. The term has since come to primarily mean… Learn More


Fall 2019

Veronica Jackson
Lindsey Riordan
Keeley Howe
Julia Cavallaro
Genevieve Craven

PAH 200 - Introduction to Applied Humanities

The UA Memo­r­ial MAP Pro­ject is a humanist ini­tia­tive to doc­u­ment and reconnect with the unique memorials on the Uni­ver­sity of Arizona campus. We have embedded a virtual map of cultural and historical memorials on and around our University… Learn More