General Education Courses

Public & Applied Humanities general education courses are designed to help students attain a critical and inquiring attitude; develop an appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of subject areas; gain skills in project management and creative problem solving; and deepen a sense of self. By selecting our general education courses, students will be prepared to respond more fully and effectively to an increasingly complex and ambiguous world.

Our current course offerings include: 

  • PAH 150A1  Video Game Sights, Sounds & Stories
  • PAH 150A2  Weird Stuff: How to Think About the Paranormal, the Supernatural & Other Mysterious Things
  • PAH 150A3  The Great Outdoors: Improving Health, Wellness & Creativity by Living Life Outside
  • PAH 150B1  Motorcycle Culture: Free Spirits, Easy riders & the Human Experience
  • PAH 150B5  Hunting: Interpretations and Experiences
  • PAH 160D1  Play: An Interactive Introduction
  • PAH 160D2  Living the Good Life: Humanities Perspectives on Culture & Community
  • PAH 160D3  Memes: The Art & Craft of Microstorytelling
  • PAH 160D4  Life in the City of Tomorrow: Time Travel, World Building & Speculative Futures
  • PAH 160D5  Bedtime: Exploring the Cultures & Practices of Sleep
  • PAH 200  Introduction to Applied Humanities
  • PAH 201  Applied Humanities Practice: Techniques & Technologies for Public Enrichment
  • PAH 220  Collaboration: A Humanities Perspective
  • PAH 221  Creating, Imagining, Innovating: Intercultural Approaches for Academic & Career Success
  • PAH 230  Video Games as Artifacts: Appreciating Interactive Multimedia Entertainment
  • PAH 231  Global Video Game Cultures & Their Origins
  • PAH 240  Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat: Global Perspectives on Human/Animal Relationships
  • PAH 260  Asian Pacific American Cultures in Public Life
  • PAH 310  Urban Multilingualism: An Introduction to Exploring Diverse Cities
  • PAH 320  Working: The Rewards & Costs of Employment
  • PAH 330  The Video Game Industry: An Introduction to the Business of Making Money with Play
  • PAH 331  Video Game Studies: Critical/Cultural Approaches
  • PAH 332  Tabletop Games: Play, Culture, and Design of Board and Role-Playing Games
  • PAH 350  Health Humanities: Intercultural Perspectives
  • PAH 372  Intercultural Competence: Culture, Identity, Adaptation & Intercultural Relations

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