Degree Requirements

B.A. in Applied Humanities

The coursework for the major can be completed in as few as four semesters, includes a career development sequence (with a professional internship), and has eleven emphases to choose from:

The coursework for the major consists of 42 total units, including a 3 unit elective from the approved list below. Students should work with their advisor to select an elective that complements their emphasis, foreign language studied, or personal interest.

Approved Electives for Main Campus

AFAS 223 African Philosophical Worlds (3 units)
AFAS 463 Doing Business In/With Africa: A Cultural Perspective (3 units)

HUMS 200 Health, Culture, and Creativity: Foundations in Health Humanities and the Arts (3 units)

CHN 245 Chinese Popular Culture (3 units)
KOR 245 Korean Pop Culture (3 units)
JPN 245 Japanese Anime and Visual Culture (3 units)
KOR 251 Introduction to Korea through Films (3 units)
CHN 410B The Anthropology of Contemporary China (3 units)
JPN 425A Anthropology of Japan: Images and Realities (3 units)
CHN 444 Chinese Media & Culture (3 units)
EAS 444 East Asian Traditions and the Rise of Commercial Civilization (3 units)
EAS 466 Japanese and Chinese Nationalism (3 units)

FREN 230 French Culture (1789-present) (3 units)
FREN 231/ITAL 231 Fashion and Culture in France and Italy (3 units)
FREN 249 Images of Africa (3 units)
FREN 280 Introduction to French Language, Linguistics & Culture (3 units)
FREN 284 Secrets of the Past: Myths, Theater, and Popular Culture in the French=speaking World & the US (3 units)
FREN 373 US & Francophone Hip-Hop Cultures (3 units)
FREN 375 Franco-American Relations (3 units)
FREN 433 Business French 1 (3 units)
FREN 434 Business French 2 (3 units)
ITAL 160D1 Food for Thought in Italian Culture (3 units)
ITAL 230 Introduction to Italian Culture (3 units)
ITAL 240 Italian Folklore and Popular Culture (3 units)
ITAL 330B Once Upon a Time in Italian American Cinema (3 units)
ITAL 330C The Good, the Bad & the Ugly in Italian Cinema (3 units)
ITAL 330D Empowered Women in Italian Literature & Culture (3 units)

GER 246 Culture, Science and Technology (3 units)
GER 315 Business German (3 units)
GER 371 Contemporary German Culture (3 units)
GER 416 Minority Views in German Culture (3 units)
GER 430 Crossing Borders/Crossing Cultures (3 units)

LING 114 Learning a Foreign Language (3 units)
LING 201 Introduction to Linguistics (3 units)
LING 210 American Indian Languages (3 units)
LING 211 Meaning in Language and Society (3 units)
LING 320 Language and Social Issues (3 units)
LING 322 The Structure and Meaning of Words (3 units)
LING 341 Language Development (3 units)
LING 388 Language and Computers (3 units)
LING 408 Computational Techniques for Linguists (3 units)
LING 432 Psychology of Language (3 units)

PAH 220 Collaboration: A Humanities Perspective (3 units)
PAH 221 Creating, Imagining, Innovating: Intercultural Approaches for Academic and Career Success (3 units)
PAH 230 Video Games as Artifacts: Appreciating Interactive Multimedia Entertainment (3 units)
PAH 231 Global Video Game Cultures and Their Origins (3 units)
PAH 240 Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat: Global Perspectives on Human/Animal Relationships (3 units)
PAH 260 Asian Pacific American Cultures in Public Life (3 units)
PAH 310 Urban Multilingualism: An Introduction to Exploring Diverse Cities (3 units)
PAH 320 Working: The Rewards and Costs of Employment (3 units)
PAH 321 Relationship-Based Fundraising: Donor Development in the Nonprofit Sector (3 units)
PAH 330 The Video Game Industry: An Introduction to the Business of Making Money with Play (3 units)
PAH 331 Video Game Studies: Critical/Cultural Approaches (3 units)
PAH 332 Tabletop Games: Play, Culture, and Design of Board and Role-Playing Games (3 units)
PAH 350 Health Humanities: Intercultural Perspectives (3 units)
PAH 456 Humanities and the Global Creative Economy (3 units)

CLAS 240 Ancient Athletics (3 units)
CLAS 313 Health and Medicine in Classical Antiquity (3 units)
CLAS 329 Art History of the Cinema (3 units)
RELI 203 Religion and Medicine in the Western Healing Traditions (3 units)
RELI 210 Religion in the American Experience (3 units)
RELI 211 Life After Death in World Religions and Philosophies (3 units)
RELI 212 Introduction to American Indian Religious Traditions (3 units)
RELI 230 Religions and Cultures of India (3 units)
RELI 302 Ellis Island, 9/11, and Border Walls: Religion and Immigration in the U.S. (3 units)
RELI 303 Spirituality and Sickness: Religion and Health in the U.S. (3 units)
RELI 326 God, Humanity, & Science (3 units)
RELI 335 Rap, Culture and God (3 units)
RELI 336 Spirituality, Psychology, and the Mind (3 units)
RELI 345 Religion and the Arts in India (3 units)
RELI 359 Buddhism and Healing (3 units)
RELI 360 Religion, Nature, and Climate Change (3 units)
RELI 363 Religion and Sex (3 units)
RELI 367 Yoga (3 units)
RELI 404 Religion, Gender, and the Body (3 units)
RELI 406 Religious Diversity in Healthcare: Intercultural Training (3 units)
RELI 412 Religion and Literature in Latin America (3 units)
RELI 428A Globalization, the Environment, and Indigenous Religions (3 units)
RELI 482 Tantric Buddhism (3 units)

RSSS 212 Mythic Russia: Russian Fairy Tales and Folklore (3 units)
RSSS 275 Eastern Europe and the Balkans: Constructing Identity in Contact and Conflict (3 units)
RSSS 280 Sports and Empire: Sport in Soviet and Post-Soviet Eastern European Society (3 units)
RSSS 305 Russian and American Foodways: Cultivation, Culture, and Connectedness (3 units)
RSSS 306 Russian Rap from Love and Sex to Propaganda and Protest (3 units)
RSSS 315 Werewolves and Vampires: Slavic Folklore in our Culture (3 units)
RSSS 320 Criminal Russia: From Rasputin to Putin (3 units)
RSSS 325 Eastern Orthodoxy in a Global Age (3 units)
RSSS 335 Health Places, Toxic Spaces: GeoHumanities and Health in Russia and Eastern Europe (3 units)
RSSS 490 Identity, Language, and Nation (3 units)

SPAN 352 Reading Politics and Culture in the Hispanic World (3 units)
SPAN 371A/B Spanish for Business and Economics (3 units)
PORT 430 Brazilian Civilization (3 units)
SPAN 430 Issues in Spanish Culture (3 units)
SPAN 431 Issues in Spanish-American Culture (3 units)
SPAN 433 Issues in Mexican and Mexican-American Culture (3 units)
SPAN 449D Border Studies (3 units)
PORT 463 Topics in Luso-Brazilian Literature (3 units)
SPAN 480 Service Learning (3 units)

TLS 386 Global Citizenship: Reading the World and the Word (3 units)

HRTS 200 Introduction to Human Rights (3 units)
HRTS 250 Current Issues in Human Rights (3 units)
HRTS 300 Human Rights in the United States (3 units)
HRTS 305 Human Rights Stories (3 units)
HRTS 455 Human Rights in the Middle East (3 units)

Approved Electives for Arizona Online

Check back soon for complete list of approved electives for Arizona Online students.