Near and long term projections of demand for healthcare workers and services are virtually off the charts. Moreover, the precision medicine, automation, and data generation and analysis that attend the integration of humans and machines forecast by the Fourth Industrial Revolution will place even greater importance on the interpersonal and intercultural intelligences vital to meaningful and effective patient partnerships, which best support disease prevention and care. You'll develop these intelligences and train for this future in the BA in Applied Humanities with an emphasis in Medicine, and in the process learn to steward the wellbeing of individuals and communities around the world.

Core Courses

  • PAH 200: Introduction to Applied Humanities (3 units)
  • PAH 201: Applied Humanities Practice: Techniques & Technologies for Public Enrichment (3 units)
  • PAH 372: Intercultural Competence: Culture, Identity, Adaptation & Intercultural Relations (3 units)
  • PAH 383: Pre-Internship: Building Career Readiness (3 units)
  • PAH 420: Innovation & the Human Condition: Learning How to Improve Life in the Community & Beyond (3 units)
  • PAH 493: Internship (3 units)
  • PAH 498: Senior Capstone (3 units)
  • One elective (3 units) from the approved list.

Emphasis Courses

  • MED 101: Clinical Reasoning: An Introduction (2 units)
  • FCM 201: On Being a Healthcare Professional (3 units)
  • FCM 296: Careers in Medical Health Sciences (2 units)
  • MED 301: Healthcare Professional Well-being (1 unit)
  • FCM 303: Difficult Conversations in Patient Care: The Art of Empathy (1 unit)
  • PHPM 310: Healthcare in the U.S. (3 units) or HPS 433: Global Health (3 units) 
  • MED 318: Medicine - Past, Present & Future (3 units)
  • PHIL 321: Medical Ethics (3 units)

Emphasis courses cannot also count toward a minor in Medicine from the College of Medicine-Tucson.