Plant Studies

Thanks to changing cultural attitudes and habits, ongoing scientific discovery, and recent technological and business innovation, there are tremendous educational and professional opportunities at the intersection of the humanities and plant sciences. Commercial sectors such as marijuana-related production and services (recreational and medical), industrial composting and organic building materials development, and plant-derived beauty, heath, and consumer products and services are seeing tremendous growth domestically and abroad. At the same time, communities of all kinds are investing in shared green spaces, urban agriculture and agricultural tourism, seed libraries and seed saving, native plant nurseries and cultivation, and more. The BA in Applied Humanities with an emphasis in Plant Studies provides the tools you'll need to help make the world a greener place. 

Core Courses

  • PAH 200: Introduction to Applied Humanities (3 units)
  • PAH 201: Applied Humanities Practice: Techniques & Technologies for Public Enrichment (3 units)
  • PAH 372: Intercultural Competence: Culture, Identity, Adaptation & Intercultural Relations (3 units)
  • PAH 383: Pre-Internship: Building Career Readiness (3 units)
  • PAH 420: Innovation & the Human Condition: Learning How to Improve Life in the Community & Beyond (3 units)
  • PAH 493: Internship (3 units)
  • PAH 498: Senior Capstone (3 units)
  • One elective (3 units) from the approved list.

Emphasis Courses

  • PLS 195A: How Will We Feed & Clothe 9-billion People in 2050? (1 unit)
  • PLS 240: Plant Biology (4 units)

— and at least 13 units from among the following —

  • PLS 235: Introduction to Urban Horticulture (3 units)
  • PLS 302: The Science of Cannabis (3 units)
  • PLP 305: Introduction to Plant Pathology (3 units)
  • PLS 306: Crop Science & Production (3 units)
  • PLS 330: Principles & Techniques of Plant Propagation and Culture (3 units)
  • PLS 340: Introduction to Biotechnology (3 units)
  • PLS 415: Plant Breeding & Genetics (3 units)
  • PLS 480: Medicinal Plants (3 units)
  • PLS 299/399/499: Independent Study (1-3 units) or PLS 392/492: Directed Research (1-3 units)

Emphasis courses cannot also count toward a minor in Plant Sciences from the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences.