The Department of Public & Applied Humanities is pleased to offer a range of consulting services to organizations in the commercial, educational, and not-for-profit sectors.

Our faculty specialize in the cognitive, creative, international, interpersonal, and intercultural intelligences and competencies of the humanities, and can help your team boost innovation, enhance collaboration, and optimize problem solving. 

For more information, please contact Natalie Olson.

Sample Programs

  • Coaching for Career Transitions
  • Early Talent Identification, Recruitment, and Career Development
  • Workplace Innovation Through Play and Imagination
  • Intercultural Competence and Group Dynamics
  • Internal Communication Strategies for Remote Teams
  • LGBTQIA Workplace Competence
  • Listening Like an Entrepreneur
  • Working with International Clients, Consumers, and Partners

  • Partnering on Humanities Degrees with STEM Departments, Business Schools, and Other Professional Units
  • Community Partnerships and Programming
  • Faculty Development Institute Design and Implementation
  • Incorporating Career Readiness and Skills Translation Into Curricula
  • Language Program Evaluation
  • Leveraging Asymmetry for Maximum Innovation and Effectiveness
  • Regional and Specialized Accreditation Preparation and Self Study
  • Strategic Communication, Public Writing, Storytelling, Public Relations, and Media Outreach for Faculty and Academic Units
  • Urban History, Humanities, and Community-based Research

  • BIPOC Community Issues and Advocacy
  • Building and Managing Community Engagement
  • Conference, Symposia, and Festival Planning
  • Creative Web Design for Public Communication
  • Cross-Cultural and Intergroup Dialogue
  • Grant Writing and Grant Writing Training
  • Internship Program Development
  • Mission, Vision, and Values Statement Development