Vision, Mission, and Values


The Department of Public & Applied Humanities will cultivate people who can imagine a wide range of critical and creative interests and skills dedicated to the development and application of humanistic inquiry for the betterment of the human condition.


The Department of Public & Applied Humanities will foster:

  • Highly experimental research projects;
  • Collaborative and transdisciplinary modes of work;
  • Design-based learning approaches that emphasize guided engagement in discovery learning to enable the transformation of personal creativity, skills, and knowledge into public enrichment;
  • Imaginative approaches to pressing and emerging challenges and opportunities;
  • Sustained critique of society and its structures;
  • An iterative approach to understanding public good.


We, the community of the Department of Public & Applied Humanities:

  • Value collaborative decision-making by engaged colleagues;
  • Practice innovative thinking about both new and conventional challenges;
  • Engage in active learning about subjects that may be new, difficult, or uncomfortable;
  • Promote the diversity of individuals, communities, ideas, and expressions;
  • Exercise leadership and participation that is honest, compassionate, and respectful;
  • Strive to balance the fiscal needs of our department with the human needs of its people;
  • Embrace complexity and work with dynamic situations and systems as appropriate.