Reflecting on the Great Outdoors with Creativity and Critical Thinking

Fall 2020
PAH 150A3- The Great Outdoors: Improving Health, Wellness & Creativity by Living Life Outside

From physicians and neuroscientists to poets and songwriters, people around the world have long expressed how even brief immersion in nature can improve the human condition. This course--PAH 150A3 The Great Outdoors: Improving Health, Wellness, and Creativity by Living Life Outside--explores humanities artifacts, including essays, poetry, podcasts, memes, songs, public art, and other creative expressions, to discover what they have to tell us about understanding the human experience and our interface with the natural world. While exploring the course content, students enrolled in the course flex their creative muscles while thinking critically to create "one-pagers." These one-pagers are mash-ups of sketches, photos, keywords, quotes, and insights. The images and words are strategically placed on a single page to communicate a visually interesting and concise message. This collection is a sample of one-pagers created by students in the Fall 2020 cohort.


Victoria Almanza

Public Health

I am currently majoring in Public Health. I hope to pursue a health related career because I have always loved helping others in any way I can. I am from Seattle, Washington, but I love living in sunny Tucson! My favorite spot on campus is Old Main because of the history behind it.


Erin McDaniel

Musical Theater

I'm a BFA Musical Theatre major. I'm originally from Atlanta, Georgia, but I absolutely love living in Arizona. In addition to music and theatre, I’m passionate about health, nutrition, and nature. I plan to pursue theatre after graduating. One of my favorite things to do outdoors is run, especially around the river parks or mountain trails in Tucson.


Maddy Niffenegger

Environmental Studies

I am majoring in Environmental Studies, and my goal is to eventually travel and work with vulnerable communities that are the most affected by climate change. Since my time in Tucson, my favorite spot on campus would be the Women’s Plaza of Honor. 



Samantha Taylor

Pharmaceutical Sciences

My current major is pharmacy, but I intend to pursue a career in nursing. I've lived in Arizona most of my life, and I enjoy traveling anywhere when given the opportunity. I believe the outdoors has many benefits, and I often use it to unwind and allow myself to be fully present, even if just for a few moments. The best thing about nature is that it can improve both physical and mental well-being.


Bruno Villafuerte

Civil Engineering

I am studying Civil Engineering because I believe that building resilient cities is crucial for improving life quality in our society. I am also a huge fan of nature; I always ensure that I am getting my weekly dose of the outdoors.


Ellie Weil

Information Science & Esociety

My major is Information Science & eSociety with a minor in Fashion. I have always been interested in marketing, social media and fashion since I was young. I am from Danville, California, and I chose University of Arizona because of the campus and ‘home away from home’ feeling. My favorite things to do outdoors is go to the beach, watch sunsets, and hang around in hammocks!


Julia Wilkinson

Wildlife Conservation

I am studying Wildlife Conservation. I love animals and I want to spend my life with them. Interning at Reid Park Zoo was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I hope to one day be a zookeeper. I am currently training my service dog and helping to train many others and hope to become a certified behavioral trainer. I hope to make the world a better place and learn everything I can from it.