Play Experience Design for the Children's Museum Tucson

Spring 2023
PAH 160D1 - Play: An Interactive Introduction

In my Spring 2023 iteration of Play: An Interactive Introduction, students worked in groups to develop, test, and analyze a play experience in partnership with community partner the Children’s Museum Tucson (CMT). Working within several of their existing program areas — which address topics including local natural and cultural ecologies, music and movement, and STEM — students created a range of games, installations, and other activities for children and their families. Students worked on these projects throughout the semester, using an iterative design process, including creating and playtesting multiple prototypes, delivering a final presentation, and preparing a final report that both connected their designs to themes from the course and served as documentation for CMT to implement their projects if desired. Additionally, they participated in multiple critiques with their peers and representatives from CMT. This partnership was supported by funds and training through the University of Arizona Experiential Learning Design Accelerator program.