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Fall 2024

PAH 150B5 – Hunting: Interpretations and Experiences

Hunting is fundamental to the human experience. Throughout history, humans have viewed hunting as a foodway, a lifeway, and even as a sport. This course considers the concept of hunting broadly and explores the practices of seeking and finding across human endeavor, from sacred acts of harvesting to modern recreation with ethical implications for ecological stewardship. Over the course of the semester, students will unpack their own personal meanings around the act of hunting and interpret the role different kinds of hunting play in conservation and community life. Students eventually plan their own hunt of one kind or another. This does not necessarily need to be a hunt for game, but can be a hunt for a picture of wildlife or any other hunt as defined by the student. Ultimately, hunting will be defined broadly so all students can conduct and engage with the topic in ways that make sense to them. All positions and perspectives related to hunting in all its forms and with all its associated debates and controversies are welcome for consideration.

Aug 26 - Oct 16
50 / 50
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  • Dates: Aug 26 - Oct 16
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  • Enrollment: 50 / 50