Nanny turned Entrepreneur

Katelyn Cole

Emphasis Area: 

Public Health

Partner Agency Name: 

The Nanny Entrepreneur

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Katelyn Cole developed her business and innovation skills, as she explored entrepreneurship opportunities in the nannying industry.


Why did you choose your internship?

I decided to do an entrepreneurship internship. This experience is a little different from a traditional internship since I am not applying to an intern position rather I am designing my own internship and then getting it approved. I chose this style and my internship since I am a creative thinker and wanted to apply that to something I am interested in. It was a lot of fun to work on this project for 16 weeks and to see the finished product of what I created, which is a business plan and prototype for my business mobile app. I have hope that this could be an actual business moving forward. It is really cool to see all my hard work come to life and be put together into something that I am very passionate about. I think getting started was the most challenging part of the experience since I did not know where to begin since I had so many ideas. I was able to talk to a mentor who gave some tips on how to start and that helped a lot. I learned that having many ideas is good but it can sometimes make things harder so selecting a few of those ideas and working on those then expanding is a good way to organize lots of ideas.

What advice do you have for other students as they decide what kind of internship to pursue?

You should take the opportunity to do an entrepreneurship internship if you have the chance. If you are a creative thinker and are passionate about something this is a great place to express that and you get credit for it. There are not many opportunities like this so definitely look into the idea and don’t be afraid to discuss and share what you want to try with Stephanie (the Internship Director). Really be creative with it!