Design and Construction Engineering

Nick Woehrel

Emphasis Area: 

Spatial Organization & Design Thinking

Partner Agency Name: 

Hensel Phelps


Nick Woehrel interned with Hensel Phelps and gained experience in design and construction engineering.

How did you secure your internship?

I went to the UA’s Spring Career Fair because it was an assignment for the course PAH 383 Pre-Internship: Building Career Readiness. One of the companies that I approached while I was there was Hensel Phelps. As a large construction and contracting company, they matched my skills and future career goals. I had a really good conversation with their recruiters and they were interested in my background. I decided to apply and email them directly letting them know I was interested in an internship. I tailored my cover letter, interviewed, and got the internship. The internship lead to a full-time job after graduation -- I'm now a Field Engineer with Hensel-Phelps.