Real Estate Social Media Management

Autumn Montgomery
Autumn Montgomery
Emphasis Area
Fashion Studies

Autumn Montgomery enhanced her project management and communication skills as a social media manager for JR Real Estate Group.

How did you get your internship?

A family connection helped me get my internship at the JR Real Estate Group. I was able to find out about internship options within the company because of my dad, who works there. I expressed my desire to gain practical experience in the real estate industry, and thanks to his encouragement, I was able to get an internship offer. I was given a great opportunity to grow and learn in a respectable company because of this connection. 

What is unique about your situation that influenced your internship experience?

While real estate wasn't my primary academic focus, the experience allowed me to understand the importance of structured planning and content scheduling, which are directly applicable to my minor in E-Society. I also loved being able to work with my dad and collaborate with his real estate team. I even think it strengthened our bond because I got to see and appreciate what he does at work everyday. I also feel like I learned so much that I can apply to my future career, no matter what career field I am in. Another reason I chose this experience was because I was able to complete this internship remotely, which offered me much needed flexibility while also taking spring classes.

What new skills did you develop in this internship?

My internship gave me the ability to plan content, manage projects, and develop audience engagement tactics—these skills are essential in the field of social media marketing. I also improved my project management skills by creating and using a calendar system to plan social media posts. I furthered my time management skills because I had to meet project deadlines. My interpersonal communication skills also became stronger as I interacted with team members and clients. I also learned to analyze data to determine the financial performance of different real estate properties.

What was the most significant contribution you made? 

During my internship, I implemented a reusable calendar system, which was my most significant contribution. My project significantly increased overall efficiency and improved our everyday tasks. It not only made scheduling easier for us, but it also got the team talking about other areas of our workflow that could be enhanced. This contribution demonstrated my ability to find practical solutions and make a real impact on the work of the team 

What advice do you have for other students as they search for their internship?

I definitely recommend searching for an internship well in advance because this will definitely help your chances of finding different options of opportunities. Network any chance that you can get! Attend the career fairs that UA offers students, and really try to take advantage of meeting people and learning new things during your internship. The last thing I recommend is to take time to prepare for interviews because you might be competing against a wide range of  applicants, so you need to be able to tell your story well. Lastly, be open minded about the opportunities that will come your way!