Digital Marketing

Cameron Peron
Emphasis Area
Business Administration

Cameron Peron interned with Modern Mutual Mortgage, LLC and gained experience in digital marketing.

Why did you choose this internship?

I chose to intern at Modern Mutual Mortgage, LLC, because of our mutual desire to appeal to young and demanding audiences and inspire growth for an industry. I was excited about the opportunity to create content on social media platforms to further the company's values and services. I also chose this internship because it had an immediate impact on my ability to undertake technical roles in digital marketing and prepare me for other specialized marketing opportunities. 

What kind of work did you do throughout your internship experience?

I monitor all social media channels through a CRM tool and work on developing leads for the business to pursue. I explore the use of the composer tools in my CRM platforms to further my skills in the use of the applications. On the social platforms, I explore and set up automated features to interact and engage with audiences and also respond in person to answer and resolve questions or concerns. I create weekly, biweekly, and monthly reports on the different social channels growth and metrics to analyze and propose changes and add to upcoming marketing campaigns.

Another role that I took on was developing an Excel database to track and monitor items such as potential agents, partners, and clients for future business actions. It was a main responsibility of mine to maintain and update this database.

What new skills did you develop in this internship?

I practiced and developed an increased communication skill with the heavy use of emailing for marketing purposes and social media responsibilities. All communication had to always be transparent and purposeful as to keep up with goals and key performance indicators or metrics the organization is aiming to achieve. Technical skills that I enhanced involved digital media, digital marketing, and other related platforms and applications.

My site supervisor had a strong impact on my learning experience as I felt I had gained a mentor without going through the steps of formally asking because of my transparent communication and strong work ethic throughout the experience. I could be honest and ask questions or feel challenged comfortably because I had a strong support system in every way.

How has your internship experience influenced your plans for your future?

My internship experience has influenced my plans for the future by increasing my desire to work in a digital environment and specifically digital marketing roles.