Digital Marketing within the Tourism Industry

Chaeyun Jung
Emphasis Area
Fashion Studies

Chaeyun Jung interned with Tourian Travel and developed digital marketing skills.

What kind of work did you do during your internship?

My internship organization, Tourian Travel, is a Busan, South Korea, travel tourism marketing site that provides travel reservation services for English and Spanish-speaking customers. In anticipation of the expansion of private tours for foreign tourists after the COVID-19 outbreak, I made plans to develop website tourism content in English and Spanish, and do some homepage reorganization. The new 'Viator Homepage' can now be found here.

In order to expand the website, on the recommendation of my mentor, I visited and experienced the cultural sites. By directly being a visitor and experiencing the efforts of a cultural tourism commentator, I better understood the needs of tourists and improved the user experience by directly checking the current address of tourist attractions and travel products on site.

Why did you choose your internship?

Travel is a very attractive industry and one with great potential for growth. If advanced technology is applied to the tourism industry, it will be possible to develop new and interesting tourism products. In addition, I appreciated the corporate mission of the company, Tourian Travel - 'Sustainable tourism that is win-win with the region’.

I also wanted an experience that would help me develop my digital marketing project skills. Before the internship, I felt that I understood the core strategy of digital marketing and campaign development. The internship with Tourian Travel gave me the opportunity to practice these skills and I learned the basics of brand marketing, viral marketing, and content marketing.

What was your favorite part of your internship?

While organizing the homepage, it was rewarding to be able to appreciate the true beauty and culture of Korea. As K-Culture, such as K-POP, K-Beauty, and K-DRAMA, is attracting worldwide attention, the number of tourists who want to visit Korea continues to increase. Digital marketing publicity work should be designed and configured according to the needs of tourists, the curiosity of the region, and the convenience of visiting. I felt rewarded by my work when I heard that the tourists were really satisfied with the website, planning and scheduling their tours, and seeing the actual tour being conducted.