Small Business Operations

Claudio Othon
Emphasis Area
Business Administration

Claudio Othon interned with Rosa's Chamoy and gained experience in small business operations.

What is unique about your situation that influenced your internship selection?

I intentionally sought out an internship that was flexible in scheduling and would allow me to balance the competing needs of my school work and also my other part-time job. With my internship at Rosa’s Chamoy, the owner allowed me to create my own schedule. I do not think I would have experienced such flexibility to balance my personal, school, and work life had I sought out a more corporate-focused or ‘bigger name’ internship.

How was the internship related to your Applied Humanities degree?

My internship is related to my Applied Humanities degree since it compliments both the humanities and business aspects of my degree. Rosa’s Chamoy is a local business located in Tucson, Arizona. Doing business in Tucson relates to my humanities degree since I communicate with a diverse set of customers daily and get to collaborate with members of my own community.

I also enhanced my business administration skills by directly working alongside the owner of Rosa’s Chamoy. Being able to witness the inner workings of business operations led me to realize the need to be flexible when running a small business. I learned to be adaptable and maintain focus, which are important attributes when leading a business to success. I also gained insight into the behind-the-scenes work that goes into running your own business.

What new skills did you develop in your internship?

Throughout my internship, I gained many new skills and practices that I plan to further develop and implement in my career. For example, one great lesson was to prioritize tasks and take action immediately, as new tasks came up frequently and suddenly in small business operations. In addition, interacting with people from all over Tucson was a great experience and gave me confidence and patience. Another practice I developed is learning how to pitch a company and their products. Since it’s a small business, many people were unfamiliar with Rosa’s Chamoy, so I learned to share detailed explanations about the products and business information.

What advice do you have for other students as they search for and/or begin their internship?

Some advice I have for other students as they search for their internship is to always allow yourself to explore all options and opportunities available. When seeking out an internship or beginning an internship, do not be afraid and if you are afraid of getting out of your comfort zone, it will be the perfect opportunity to learn from those fears. Opportunities are endless so do not limit yourself to what you know as one of the best ways to experience is seeking out the scary unknown.