Global Business Operations and Marketing Strategy

Fahed Alneyadi
Emphasis Area
Business Administration

Fahed Alneyadi interned with Miracle Beauty and gained experience in multi-national business operations and marketing strategy.

Why did you choose this internship? 

I chose to work with Miracle Beauty because the company operates in a multi-national market, and the experience provided me an incredible opportunity to learn about marketing strategy and to gain international exposure. Because the company works with many diverse stakeholders and I helped negotiate prices, I improved my communication skills and I am now more comfortable reaching out to people. I also gained valuable experience by contributing to projects related to analyzing marketing data and providing recommendations related to the return on investment. This experience prepared me for my future career, and gave me insight that I will use in my own business. 

How did your Applied Humanites major coursework help prepare you for the internship?

Many of my courses helped in different ways. One course that stands out was PAH 383 Pre-Internship: Building Career Readiness, as it helped me with searching for an internship and identifying my transferable skills. My business emphasis also helped prepare me for my internship duties, as I already had insight about marketing strategies from the courses I had taken.