Delivering Culinary Arts Instruction

Hannah Stevens
Emphasis Area
Business Administration

Hannah Stevens assisted with the delivery of a culinary arts curriculum during her internship at a local high school.

Why did you choose this internship?

The focus of my internship was to be an Assistant in a high school culinary classroom. This involved me helping, teaching, and guiding students during kitchen labs at a local high school. I choose this internship because I have a passion for food and am currently also getting a pastry degree in addition to my Applied Humanities degree with a business emphasis. My favorite part about this internship was getting to share my passion with others and hopefully help them find theirs, even if it wasn’t with food. I enjoyed seeing students apply their creative spin on dishes, and the final product was completely their own. It was also interesting because my mentor also owns her own catering business and it gave me an insight as to how she juggled her business and taught high school classes at the same time. A bonus experience was that the school baseball team hired the culinary class to cook and host their banquet. The students and myself got to learn the business side of culinary work as well.

How has your internship experience influenced your plans for your future?

In the beginning I was unsure about being in the classroom, but I’m proud of my success. I enjoyed working with high school students because I am able to be upfront and speak straight to the point with them. I also loved getting to see the creativity come out in students when they cook. I might be interested in teaching culinary classes again in the future.