Web Communications Management

Harry Wang
Emphasis Area
Business Administration

Haolin "Harry" Wang pitched an internship idea to a local business, and he became the company's Web Communications Manager.


Why did you choose this internship?

It was a fortunate coincidence that when I went to see my barber for a haircut, he shared with me that he was opening his own barbershop and he was trying to figure out social media and creating web pages. I have several experiences in social media management and website building, so I immediately pitched to him that I could assist him, and that is how my position got secured. Of course, I applied for several other jobs for the internship as well, but they were all work-from-home, and I wasn’t as interested in that kind of opportunity right now. I also felt less inspired by the formality of those positions. I find managing social media very interesting. I was also very interested in being able to manage my own time during the internship. Thus, I decided to “go for it.”

What was the focus of your internship?

My job was to create and build all the social media profiles (including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat) and web pages (including Google Maps, Yelp). I created content, managed them, engaged clients, and promoted the pages. I also built and designed a website for appointments, since they have more than one staff and they decided to manage their own appointment links separately. You can see some of my work here. The most satisfying part is that my supervisor let me have creative freedom, which means I have access to all the profiles and projects and I am free to share any of my ideas. It is meaningful because this position requires me to think independently and creatively, which is a great experience for my future jobs.

What advice do you have for other students as they search for or begin their internship?

First of all, go for any position you would be interested in, do not underestimate what you are capable of (well, do not overestimate them either). Trust your ability and face your flaws. There are always opportunities around you to gain your knowledge and experience as long as you seek them. Also, don’t be shy to recommend and speak up for yourself. Practice as many times as you can to reach that confidence level. Good luck!