UA Critical Languages Program Marketing

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Joanna Labija
Emphasis Area
Business Administration

Joanna Labija applied her experience in social media marketing to promote the CLP and expand her design and marketing skills.

How did you get your internship and why did you choose it?

I first received an email about the Critical Languages Program (CLP) marketing internship from the College of Humanities. I then took the initiative to look into it further and I applied through Handshake. After applying, I made sure to follow up with the Director of CLP to express my interest in the internship. After a few weeks of waiting, I received an email to set up an interview and the rest is history! I chose this internship because, from the description, I saw it aligned with my interests and skill set but could still challenge me in the areas I needed to strengthen.

What kind of work did you do throughout your internship experience? 

In this role, I develop engaging and creative content for social media to raise awareness of the Critical Languages Program and manage and curate content for our program's social media accounts to increase program visibility and engagement. I also assist in organizing and promoting local events related to the CLP, such as language workshops, cultural events, and information sessions. I applied my technical skills to create visually appealing promotional materials using graphic design software, and conduct research based on our engagement numbers to redefine our marketing strategy. 
What was your favorite part of your internship? 

My favorite part of my internship was seeing my designs brought to life and seeing them draw people in. Throughout my experience of being a marketing intern, I've made a lot of flyers, designs, and content in general. I had the privilege of creating a new logo for the Critical Languages Program. I loved actually seeing the sticker of the new logo I designed go from a design on a computer to being in the hands of students! It made me feel confident that my work was making an impact.
What was the most significant contribution you made?

The most significant contribution that I made in this internship was bringing more awareness to the program. I first started my internship by revamping CLP's Instagram which entailed updating the highlights, unfollowing unnecessary accounts, changing the profile pictures, and reviewing previous content and analytics. Using my skills in creativity and innovation, I was able to get the page more active and have a consistent brand aesthetic for the program. This resulted in an increase of 100 accounts visiting the page to 600 accounts visiting our page!
What advice do you have for other students as they search for their internship?  

When it comes to looking for internships, the first thing I would say is don't limit yourself. Even if the internship looks a bit intimidating, just give it a try! Second, look into the different platforms that UA lists opportunities on (e.g., Handshake, email listservs, etc.). Lastly, make sure to always send a follow-up email to opportunities that you’ve applied to! It shows that you are interested and serious about pursuing the opportunity.