Client Data Reporting and Data Visualization

Joey Park
Emphasis Area
Business Administration

Joey Park interned with Wildfire Corporation and gained experience in client data reporting and data visualization

How did you get your internship and why did you choose the opportunity?

I tapped into the network that I have built while here at the University of Arizona. My roommate's aunt is the Chief of Marketing for Wildfire Corporation, which is the company that I ended up interning with. After her team reviewed my resume that I tailored for the opportunity and interviewed me, they invited me to be an intern.

I chose this internship because it covered many of the aspects of business that I wanted to learn about, specifically marketing and e-commerce. I also chose this internship because of the remote working option where I can still attend meetings and complete work while I am in school.

What kind of work did you do throughout your internship experience and what skills did you develop?

My responsibilities included updating client reports so we could keep track of the progress towards company goals. Some of the best skills I was able to gain were working almost daily with Google Sheets and visualizing that data into charts for Google Slides. I also had the opportunity to review our client's marketing strategies and give input on what decisions would convert more customer downloads.

I learned how to conduct myself in many different professional settings and meetings. I was also able to further develop my professional communication skills by communicating with many different members of the team through remote communication tools like Slack. My coworkers have also given me the confidence to be able to ask questions and constantly better myself and grow my knowledge.

What is unique about your situation that influenced your internship experience?

Working at a company that is smaller in size gave me the opportunity to assume more responsibility and shadow some of the higher positions that I would not have access to in a bigger corporation. I enjoyed that I was able to contribute and support our team in preparing for the company-wide meetings that they would host weekly.

What advice do you have for other students as they search for their internship?

When applying for internships it is important to look for positions that give you the opportunity to grow as a professional. I would also say to not be afraid of rejection because there are always other options available and you can never truly know if you would get the position unless you apply. Do not be afraid to send out a lot of applications because even if you are accepted by more than one, you then have options to pick from and control where you want to be.