Cancer Prevention and Control

Kharen B Morgan
Emphasis Area
Public Health

Kharen Morgan completed an internship with STEP-UP and contributed to important research in cancer prevention and control.

Why did you choose this internship?

I had already completed one internship for my Applied Humanities degree, and I learned a lot from the experience, so I decided to pursue a second opportunity. [Read about Kharen’s first internship here.]

My second internship was with STEP-UP (Student Transformative Experiences to Progress Under-represented Professionals), and I was first introduced to the program by the Applied Humanities Internship Director, Stephanie Springer. Because of our discussions in the PAH 383 class, Pre-Internship: Building Career Readiness, she knew that I’m interested in research, public health, community services, and data analysis. So she referred me to STEP-UP, which is a summer research program with a focus on cancer prevention and control.

I am glad I applied after learning about the program because my participation in the STEP-UP program was truly informative and beneficial to me and my future endeavors. Amongst many things, I learned about symmetric review, IRB writing, PubMed searching, and using NHANES data from CDC. I also appreciated the focus of community engagement. I benefited in many ways because I was also able to be certified in HIPAA, CITI Training, Blood-borne and Pathogen, and other research certifications.