Finance and Product Line Estimating

Krystin Vidal
Emphasis Area
Business Administration

Krystin Vidal interned with Raytheon Technologies and gained experience in product line estimating and financial analyzing.

What was the focus of your internship?

I was an intern for the Product Line Estimating department of Raytheon Technologies. This department focuses on estimating the labor hours it takes for the company to build or make a product for a customer. My key collaborators were my manager and my team of about ten different estimators. My main role is to provide support work to my coworkers. I offer them help with anything they need support on whether it is reading through documents or running different pricing software. One of my favorite things about my small team of estimators is everyone is very kind to each other and always willing to help each other out when necessary. If someone has a lot of work that they are behind on and need help completing it on time, everyone is always willing to jump in and support their fellow coworker to help them get their work complete. I have really enjoyed getting to know my coworkers and contribute to the work over the course of my internship.

This internship has influenced my plans for the future immensely. Starting in July I will be starting full time in a professional role that I was performing in during my internship. My official title will be Financial Analyst. I am very excited to begin my career at Raytheon, as it is a wonderful company to work for.

How was the internship related to your Applied Humanities degree?

This internship was related to my Applied Humanities degree because I talk to different people every day. I have to do work with multiple departments that specialize in different processes and backgrounds. Some days I am talking to engineers working on my project, other days I am talking to other finance areas that talk to the customer directly. All of these departments work together to get an end product for the customer. My Applied Humanities degree has been very helpful when working with all kinds of different people in different backgrounds and professions. I have used so many of the skills and pieces of knowledge that I have learned throughout my Applied Humanities classes when it comes to working through work related obstacles. I have the right knowledge and confidence to work with others and figure out solutions in order to give the customer a well-made product. Applied humanities has taught me so much information that has to do with collaboration and communication with people that think in a variety of ways. My Applied humanities background has helped me be the best employee and coworker that I am capable of being during my internship.

What advice do you have for other students as they search for or begin their internship?

The advice that I would give to other students is to really focus on their networking skills and opportunities. I was able to pursue my internship opportunity due to networking. I have also seen how it can be helpful in a big company like Raytheon. At Raytheon you are encouraged to try new roles and move around within the company. If you network and meet someone in the new role you are interested in moving to, they can give you advice or a different contact that might be helpful in the interviewing or hiring process. You could end up being a huge step ahead of other candidates if you had networked and became familiar with other people in other roles that you are interested in pursuing. It can definitely be intimidating at times but if you stay confident and brave you might network and meet someone new that can offer you a new and exciting opportunity.