Social Media Management and Marketing

Liz Prado
Emphasis Area
Business Administration

Liz Prado interned with Butterfly Social Media Management Services and gained skills in social media management and marketing.

How did you get your internship and what was the focus of the experience?

I found my internship by searching for opportunities online. When on the app Indeed, I came across Butterfly Social Media LLC. I was interested in the opportunity because it was advertised as a social media internship and I want to pursue a career in the field after college. After researching the company, I immediately applied. Two weeks later, I interviewed and was offered the internship.  

The focus of my internship was social media marketing and running the Instagram and Pinterest accounts. My responsibilities included researching strategies for social media engagement, posting daily, doing hashtag research, and promoting cuisine and travel. I learned so much about what really goes on with social media and tips and tricks for promoting companies and their posts. It's crazy looking back to before I started and how little I really knew! My internship has influenced my plans for the future as it confirmed that I want to pursue a career in social media.

What advice do you have for other students as they begin their internship?  

My advice is to really keep an open mind about the whole experience! I had some challenges at first because I really wanted to fly solo with everything. I realized that I am working for someone and the whole experience is to learn things from their insight and perspectives.