Customer Service and Sales

Mackenzie Dunne
Emphasis Area
Fashion Studies

Mackenzie Dunne interned with T&T Coast Buick GMC and gained experience in customer service and sales.

What new knowledge and skills did you learn in this internship?

Throughout my internship in the Business Development Center of a car dealership, I communicated with customers in order schedule appointments for the sales and service departments. During the month of December, I made over sixty appointments which is something I felt very proud of! The experience gave me many opportunities to gain new transferrable skills, including communication skills, problem solving, adaptability, teamwork, and even new computer skills. 

What advice do you have for other students as they search for their internship?

Be open minded as there are so many different opportunities in different fields that could end up being a great experience. Although it is ideal to gain an internship in the industry you are pursuing a career in, many internship opportunities will help you gain experience and transferable skills that will be useful in your future professional work. For example, I hope to find myself working within the fashion industry further into my career, but I do know that customer service, interpersonal skills, negotiation, and persuasive skills are a big part of that industry. I had the opportunity to improve all of those skills with my internship. By actually dealing with customers and working in a professional setting with team members, I gained insight and skills that I will use throughout my career.