Sharing the Benefits of a Humanities Education

Madison Doser
Emphasis Area
Public Health

Madison Doser interned with the College of Humanities and preached the benefits of a Humanities education.

Why did you choose this internship?

I take great pride in my Humanities studies and wanted to share my experience with prospective students and alumni. I enjoy interacting with people from diverse backgrounds so becoming an ambassador for the College of Humanities was a logical step toward engaging with a variety of different people. I also knew that this position would allow me to expand my professional network and acquire important skills in communication, planning, public speaking, and outreach, all of which will benefit me in my future endeavors in the legal field.

The most satisfying part of my internship was when I spoke with a prospective student at admitted students day who had the same aspirations as me. She wanted to major in the Humanities but also had an interest in Law. I was able to preach the benefits of a Humanities education and explain that double, or even triple majoring is totally possible so that she can participate in the study of multiple fields of interest all while gaining a humanistic perspective.

What existing or new skills did you develop in this internship?

My Applied Humanities coursework in areas such as intercultural competence, innovation, and the human condition have provided me with skillsets in communicating with people from diverse backgrounds. My outreach in this position has been informed by this understanding, allowing me to engage with a variety of people in a kind and effective manner.

Throughout my internship, I was provided with a significant amount of autonomy in sharing my experiences in the Humanities with prospective students and their families. This autonomy improved my confidence in areas such as outreach and intercommunication. I was also encouraged to share my ideas for events the College would hold and planned many social events on my own. Furthermore, I was able to engage with a wide variety of individuals, from alumni to current students and staff, and have effectively increased my professional network as a result.

What advice do you have for other students as they search for their internship?

As you are searching for your internship, make sure you don’t lose sight of what you love to do. Find something that truly interests you, that lets you engage with the people you hope to either be like or want to learn from, and do that. Be bold and reach out to the organizations you want to intern with. The worst that can happen is they say no.