Client Services and Product Sales

Mia Loisel
Emphasis Area
Business Administration

Mia Loisel interned with Curriculum Associates and gained experience in the education services industry.

What was the focus of your work and why did you choose this internship?

My focus on this internship was connecting with current and potential clientele in the educational services industry. I did a lot of consulting with educators to see what products and services fit their needs and their student’s needs. Another focus from my internship was fulfilling quotes and orders for districts and schools across the country.

I chose this internship because I wanted more experience in the business world. I have always been interested in sales and marketing and thought this internship would allow me to gain more transferable skills in the sales industry. I also wanted to gain more experience in different software programs and found that this internship utilized software programs such as Excel, Salesforce, and Outlook for communication. My favorite part of my internship was when my manager asked me back for the next school year. It really solidified my hard work and showcased that I helped the organization.

How has your internship experience influenced your plans for your future?

This internship experience has provided me with a better understanding of what area of business I want to pursue. I found a passion for the sales industry and this internship has equipped me with the motivation to continue in this industry post-graduation.