Silkscreen Production and Business Operations

Molly Haase
Emphasis Area
Fashion Studies

Molly Haase interned with INX Prints and gained silkscreen production and business operation skills.

Why did you choose this internship and what was the focus of the experience?

I chose my internship with the silkscreened company, INX Prints, because it was a behind-the-scenes look of what goes into t-shirt printing before the products make it into stores. The company prints and produces t-shirts and products for many big name companies, such as Vans, Volcom, RVCA, Stance, Brixton, and others. They also ship for major brands such as PacSun, Ross, T.J. Maxx, and Tilly’s, amongst other brands.

My goals for this internship were to be able to add more technical skills to my resume, to dive deeper into what goes on in a fashion and apparel business, and lastly, I wanted to be able to network more and be able to add more people to my network.

I had many responsibilities. First, because my main job was working on the production team, I had to learn all their files. I also printed out stickers and tags that would then have to be organized into different bins. These labeled bins were then entered into the computer so that way the people who tag the shirts and sticker them know where to find them. Through these experiences, I gained skills in multitasking, working in fast-paced environments, coming up with ideas, problem-solving, and data entry.

The most satisfying part of my internship was being able to feel like I was actually making a difference and contributing to the business. I was a part of the hard work that is put into the company’s success at getting their t-shirts in stores around the world.

The thing I found most challenging about this internship was when things would become fast-paced I would start to stress out and feel like I was messing up. I learned from this challenge that you just need to stay positive and reassure yourself even when it is hard. Also talking to a coworker or my boss helped me. This problem solving ended up helping me gain skills I didn't have before.

What advice do you have for other students as they search for and begin their internship?

My advice for other students as they search for and begin their internship is to have an open mind. Don't go into things with a set plan because a lot of things can change.