College Recruitment and Marketing

Natali Dueñez
Emphasis Area
Business Administration

Natali Dueñez interned with the College of Humanities and gained experience in college recruitment and marketing.

Why did you choose this internship?

I learned about my internship as an Applied Humanities Student Ambassador during an activity in Stephanie Springer’s PAH 383: Pre Internship: Building Career Readiness course. One day during class, we were practicing how to tailor your resume and look for keywords on job postings. One of the job postings was for the ambassador position for the College of Humanities. I asked Stephanie more about the position, informed her I was interested, and she encouraged me to apply. After that, I tried to connect with the recruiting director Karina Rodriguez on all social media platforms and emailed her to ask more about the position. A few weeks later I got the internship opportunity!

I chose to intern with College of Humanities as a Student Ambassador because I wanted to represent the college and major. I wanted to help inspire other students that may not know about the major (like I did when I was in my first year) or if they are undeclared and feeling lost in college. My first year of college I was struggling in my physiology major and doubted my worth as a student at the university. Thankfully after a year of being undeclared and making tons of appointments with advisors, I decided to go with COH to get the Applied Humanities transdisciplinary degree and I am forever grateful. I wanted to do my best to at least inspire and help lead one student that could have been in my shoes!

What was the focus of your internship?

The focus of my internship with the College of Humanities was recruitment and marketing of the college. The recruitment portion focused on high school students that were incoming students, transfer students from other colleges, and admitted students. One example of a recruitment event we did this semester was contacting 30 students that were admitted or undecided with COH. It was a great opportunity to talk with some students to see if they wanted insight on the college, any questions they had, and being able to share my experience with them! In regard to the marketing aspect, I highlighted this as a part of the internship (even though we did not have direct marketing activities) because we as interns are the face of the college. We always represent COH and always advertise our majors through conversations with alumni/faculty/students and being included with social media posts.

What new knowledge and skills did you develop in this internship?

One transferable skill I have learned throughout this course is recruitment. Recruitment can be used during the ambassador internship, for someone that has their own business, and in the workplace. Another skill I developed was public speaking. One way we did public speaking in my internship was by giving a presentation about COH, its different majors, and the benefits of a Humanities degree. Public speaking is a great tool that can be utilized in the workplace as well or in everyday life.