Fashion Buying

Sarah Dugally
Emphasis Area
Fashion Studies

Sarah Dugally interned with Ross Dress for Less and gained experience in fashion buying.

How did you get your internship and why did you choose the experience?

I was making small talk with a classmate of mine about her plans for the summer. She told me about her internship with Ross Dress for Less, where she was to be a Buying Assistant for the company. I knew I wanted to work with a big and successful company, so I was immediately interested, especially because the internship would give me an opportunity to test a future career in fashion buying. I asked her how to apply, she told me, and I looked into it. I went online, filled out the application, and waited to hear back from the company with further instructions. The next step was the interview process, which felt very professional and organized.

Once I found out I received the job, I wrote down a list of goals for myself. I told myself I wanted to make work my first priority all of summer because I wanted to give my all to this. I wanted to see if this was the company and industry I wanted to work with after college if I was given the chance. I told myself I would network as much as possible by taking advantage of the incredibly smart people within this company. I have been extremely pleased with the outcome of this internship! The most exciting part to me is that I understand what I am learning, while being challenged, and I am growing a huge passion for this work field. 

How has your internship experience influenced your plans for the future?

This internship has taught me a lot about my professional self. It has given me exposure to a lot of good mentors who I can learn from. It has taught me what I want to look for in a future company. For example, where I want to work after school, what is the schedule like, how much is the pay, do I have opportunities for career growth within the company, etc. I did not realize how valuable these elements were when selecting a future career before my internship. [As a note, Sarah was offered a full-time role with Ross after writing this spotlight.]

What advice do you have for other students as they search and begin their internship?

I would apply to as many internships as possible because you never know who you will hear back from. I would look on Handshake, LinkedIn, and ask your friends and people in your classes what they are doing. It is always good to learn what others are doing, especially if they have the same interests as you. Once you start your internship, it really is what you make of it. I suggest giving your all for the short period of time you’re working. This will show yourself and the company what you can do.