Event Promotion

Tess Ortega
Emphasis Area
Business Administration

Tess Ortega gained skills in communication, sales, and marketing through event promotion at Monster Energy Up & Up Arizona Festival.

How did you get your internship and why did you choose this opportunity?

I got my internship with Idol Roc promoting the Monster Energy Up & Up Arizona Festival through my roommate. She introduced me to this opportunity because she was a part of it and felt like I would enjoy it because we have similar interests. I also knew other people that were already part of the internship. My mentor was also a friend, which was nice because I was able to ask him any questions and not be afraid.
I chose my internship because I have always had a deep interest in music and the behind-the-scenes of how performances were put together. I also wanted to pursue an internship where I was surrounded by people close to my age. I wanted to make strong and everlasting connections with people, and I did. I was planning on being a part of this internship after graduation from college, but now I am moving states. I am truly thankful for this internship, and successfully completed all my goals and more.
What was the most satisfying part of your internship? 

The most satisfying part of my internship was when I introduced someone to something new. Many people I promoted didn’t know who a certain artist or DJ was, and after talking to me, they discovered a new type of music they now enjoyed. 

Also, our main target audience was freshmen in college, who are often students who are still trying to find themselves and a group or community to join. I’m proud that I contributed to helping people find new friends and a new community to be a part of. Overall, feeling like I helped someone in any way made me feel amazing.

Not only did I help other students connect with each other, but I also got to connect with a lot of people and make new friends that I would have never met if I wasn’t a part of this internship. 
What did you find challenging about your internship? 

My internship was all about promoting to students. This was challenging because I had a fear of being annoying to others with all my promotional activity on social media. I learned to do it in a way that gave new information each time so that things weren't constantly being repeated. I also learned how to talk to people as friends and not as people that I was promoting to.
What is the impact of your internship experience?

My internship experience had a huge impact on me and my social skills. Through my internship, I became more confident in speaking to strangers. I grew up always having a hard time with this, and I was afraid of having this issue in the future. Now I am ready and excited for what my future holds.
How has your internship experience influenced your plans for your future?

I now know how to better communicate and interact with people of all ages. I also learned how to be genuine. These attributes are very important for my future plans because I want to do a career that involves being social. Through my internship, I discovered more passions that I hope to find in my future as well.