Marketing and Data Analytics

Vicente Martinez
Emphasis Area
Business Administration

Vicente Martinez interned with Discount Tire and gained experience in business marketing and data analytics.


How did you get your internship and what was the focus of your experience?

The focus of my internship was to enhance my knowledge about the field of marketing. I already worked for Discount Tire before this internship and I saw this as a good opportunity to enhance my learning on the business. Discount Tire does not typically do internships but I got it by coming up with a plan and pitching it to my boss. It took some planning but I am really happy that I got to design my own internship!

I worked closely with the Marketing Manager and learned a lot from the experience. My work involved doing market research, observing regional marketing and sales strategies, coming up with ideas, presenting plans to the leadership and sales teams, and evaluating the outcomes of our work. My manager was a really great mentor and pushed me beyond my limits which is why I am grateful for the overall experience that I had in this class and internship.

My internship experience influenced my plans for my future pretty drastically. I really enjoyed the work that I was doing and I can now confidently say that I do want to get into marketing as a career. It showed me the pros and the cons of the work (but the pros outweigh the cons!) and having such a good internship experience also helped me with my decision.

How did your UA experience prepare you for your internship?

The Applied Humanities degree is what made my experience a better one! With all of the key takeaways that I have gotten from my classes it truly helped me build character and confidence. The Pre-Internship: Building Career Readiness (PAH 383) class played a HUGE part of it. Take that class seriously because the Internship Director, Stephanie Springer, works hard to get everyone ready and because of her I had an amazing time with my internship.