Solar Energy Sales & Marketing

Victoria Lindsey
Emphasis Area
Business Administration

Victoria Lindsey developed her interpersonal communication conducting solar energy marketing and sales.

How did you get your internship? 

I got very lucky and found my internship through networking. I reached out to friends of mine and told them about my internship search, my interest in sales, and if anybody knew of anything to text me and let me know. Long behold, my friend texted me about an advertisement she saw for entry level solar sales and that is how I found my internship at Genesis Power Solutions.

Why did you choose this internship and what was the focus of the experience? 

I chose this internship because I wanted to learn more about sales and marketing, become a better communicator, and work with some sort of team. After going through the interview process with the company, I felt as though the opportunity would be a great fit for me. 

Throughout my experience I had a variety of responsibilities. This included taking notes and asking questions after meetings, setting and finding new leads, setting appointments and knocking door to door. In addition, I met with my squad leader everyday as a chance to ask questions and set new goals. The workload definitely felt intense at times and made me take on a lot of self responsibility when it came to work-life balance. 

How has your internship experience influenced your plans for your future?

My internship heavily influenced my plans for my future career. I have had a lot of reflection about if sales is truly the direction I want to go in and thought about if I had the skills necessary to be successful. This internship solidified my plan to go into sales but taught me that certain aspects of the job may not be my strong suit. My internship helped me realize that what I thought I wanted to do may not be the best route I can take. It has shaped me into a better worker and helped me narrow my future career path! 

What advice do you have for other students as they search for and begin their internship?

My advice for other students is to keep your options open. An internship that you may not think will be the best thing for you can be! 

It’s also okay if your first week at your internship is awkward and a little bumpy - this is normal. Enjoy the ride and reach out to the people who work with you for support.