Nic Griffin

Director of Ticket Operations
Tucson Sugar Skulls
Applied Humanities (Business Administration)

My degree in Applied Humanities: Emphasis in Business Administration has helped not only prepare me for my professional career, but also life outside of college. The biggest takeaways for me that I apply everyday is the people aspect of business and to be resilient in life.

While taking courses for my major, resiliency was something that I heard a lot, especially in my capstone, pre-internship, and internship courses. I wasn't quite sure how to apply resiliency to my life in college besides making sure I turned my assignments in on time. However, once I graduated, I really wasn't sure of which direction to go.

I knew I had a passion for sports, but I was mainly focused on securing a job in the corporate world. After submitting countless applications and going through plenty of interviews, I finally secured a job with a Fortune 200 company as an outside sales rep. Shortly after starting in my new position, I quickly realized that it wasn't for me and I wasn't sure which direction to go. After finding the courage to leave that job, I found myself working two jobs and feeling even more dissatisfied. One day In between shifts, I received a call from the Owner of the Tucson Sugar Skulls Indoor Football Team.

Having interned during their 2021 season, thanks to my coursework and guidance from Stephanie Springer, I was invited to interview for an entry-level ticket sales position. My initial sales approach was to persuade people to buy tickets, but a shift occurred. Drawing on my Humanities education, I grasped that sales, like business, centers on people and communication. Genuine interactions, not force-fed information, became my focus.

Reflecting on conversations with College of Humanities professors and self-assessment assignments from Dr. Panferov-Reese, I discovered success in authenticity. By being myself and cultivating meaningful connections. The College of Humanities has helped shaped my approach, emphasizing value, genuine communication and connections.

Nic Griffin