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Harvill 241D
Dupuy, Beatrice C
Co-Director, Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language & Literacy
Professor, Department of French & Italian
Professor, Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Second Language Acquisition & Teaching

Dr. Dupuy's research focuses on language teacher professional development, literacy-based approaches to teaching and learning, multimodality, digital social annotated reading, and on experiential learning as a theoretical and practical framework for language education in home and study-abroad contexts. She has authored and co-authored numerous articles and book chapters. Her book-length projects include A Multiliteracies Framework for Collegiate Foreign Language Teaching (Pearson Higher Education, US, 2015) co-authored with Heather Willis Allen (University of Wisconsin, Madison) and Kate Paesani (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities), which outlines a coherent pedagogical framework grounded in texts and the concept of literacy for college foreign language programs; Pathways to Paradigm Change: A Critical Examination of Prevailing Discourses and Ideologies in Foreign Language Education (Cengage, US, 2019) co-edited with  Kristen Michelson (Texas Tech University) which focuses on how ideologies and discourses currently prevailing in foreign language education are barriers to paradigm change and innovation; Language Learning and Professionalization in Higher Education: Pathways to Preparing Learners and Teachers in/for the 21st Century (Research Publishing, France, 2020) co-edited with Muriel Grosbois (Cnam, Paris, France) which explores language learning and professionalization by addressing the gap between pressing needs for enhanced soft skills in work environments wherein technology-mediated, multilingual communication is increasingly the norm and current foreign language learning offerings in higher education. She and Chantelle Warner (University of Arizona) recently guest edited a special issue of Intercultural Communication Education titled Intercultural Communicative Competence and Mobility: Perspectives on Virtual, Physical, and Critical Dimensions (Castledown Publishers, Australia, 2021).


Currently Teaching

PAH 498 – Senior Capstone

The Senior Capstone is a culminating experience for the BA in Applied Humanities, and focuses on helping students synthesize the learning and experiences they have accumulated while working on the degree. The course emphasizes broadly comprehensive knowledge about life skills and personal self-knowledge practices, and is intended to bolster student confidence for, and understanding of, possible life paths and careers that await them upon graduating from the University. Senior is standing required.