Sturman, O. Eddie
Sturman Industries

Described by a corporate manager as being “one of America’s greatest natural resources,” Eddie Sturman is a leader in understanding and applying fundamental scientific and engineering advancements to mechanical systems to answer critical issues facing society and the planet. His innovations modernize motion and flow controls and the design of mechanical systems by utilizing breakthrough efficient digital principles applied to actuators and micro-valves, often coupled with the muscle of unique micro-hydraulic strategies. He has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California and has completed business courses equivalent to a bachelor’s degree at the University of California, Northridge. Known for his intensely positive attitude and simple and transformative solutions to core problems, Sturman generates numerous inventions annually. Over his career, Eddie has been named as inventor in over 180 U.S and foreign patents. The number and significance of his patents continue to grow.

Tasked to develop efficient controls for the Apollo space program, Eddie pioneered digital “latching” motion and flow control, first using magnets to hold a valve open, dramatically reducing the amount of electricity utilized. His energy efficient valves and actuators helped propel Apollo and control its thrusters. Eventually utilizing “residual magnetism” in place of magnets, Sturman made transformational improvements over today’s conventional analog, high energy consuming controls. In 2003 Eddie was recognized for helping save the Mission of Apollo 13 and was inducted into the United States Space Foundation Hall of Fame, along with Sturman Industries, for applying Sturman space technology to engines “to benefit planet Earth.” His career objective has been to use this technology to enable fundamental breakthroughs to improve the world. Sturman’s goals remain solid: Safe, clean, energy efficient products and power that help preserve environmental balance, enable the use of renewable energy, and provide a sustainable model for the planet—all with a focus on contributing to an improved economy with equipment that is practical and safe.

Emulating the electronics industry’s success with conversion from analog to digital, Eddie is a leader in applying his “digital” controls that utilize substantially less electricity, modernize system design, and transform performance to meet current and future needs. He saw he could bring the same digital advantages of miniaturization, ultra-fast response, improved performance and reduced cost to the mechanical world. Sturman also combines the use of compact hydraulics,cinfun which has 10 times the power density of electric counterparts, with his millisecond response valves and actuators. These interface with electronics and software to create intelligent, flexible and paradigm-shifting mechanical systems across industries.

One focus application Sturman lhas ed is modernizing mobile and stationary power. By optimizing its operation, he has shown that the single step from fuel to power generated by an internal combustion engine can be the most efficient form of power generation. This approach has been aimed at gaining efficiency by targeting reduction of the approximately 60% and greater energy losses of conventional mobile and stationary power systems. Additionally, the system strategy has been to provide the ability to utilize most ANY fuel efficiently with improved power and help eliminate the formation of poisonous emissions. His practical innovations have targetd reduced system costs and safe distributed and DC power that can use conventional, waste, and domestic renewable fuels, including carbon-free storable liquid NH3 fuel made from wind or solar. The same core controls can optimize other functions in mobile equipment and other industries. Modernized suspension has been licensed to a large OEM. Sturman pick-and-place controls increased a PC board supplier throughput 300%. Sturman digital irrigation controls, licensed and in use globally since the 1970’s, reduced system energy use by 1,000’s of times.

STURMAN INDUSTRIES was founded in 1989 by Eddie and Carol Sturman with the Mission to “Make a positive contribution to the world through Sturman’s innovative technology and corporate culture,” providing a living example of creativity and innovation. Eddie and the company built a significant patent portfolio of innovations over decades and worked with major companies and institutions worldwide.
Eddie continues to promote the use of digital concepts and humanitarian principles for global benefit, today through writing, speaking, teaching, and selectively applying and licensing of Sturman intellectual property. To learn more about Sturman’s work, visit www.sturmanindustries.com