Richter, Roland Alexander
UC San Diego Health

Roland Alexander Richter is a Bioinformatics Programmer and Analyst 4 in the Zarrinpar Laboratory at UC San Diego Health. Prior to joining UC San Diego, he worked for the J. Craig Venter Institute, the Center for Computational Genomics at Pennsylvania State University, and Intuit. He holds an MA in Biology (Neuroscience) from Washington University in St. Louis, and a BS in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Arizona.

Areas of Expertise


Pipeline development

Microbial metagenomics and transcriptomics

Short-read de-novo and mapping assembly

Phylogenetic and population analysis of metagenomic samples

Functional annotation system design

Research programming for analysis

Translation between biologists’ and programmers’ vocabulary

Computer and Technology

Cloud-computing – Amazon and work-alike clouds; Dev-ops for system/application development

Process analysis, prototyping, and design of production systems

Maintenance programming and troubleshooting

Programming in Perl, Python, Bourne shell, Java, C

Grid/Cluster parallel programming, IPC

Database programming and administration (PostgreSQL, mySQL, SQLite, Sybase/MS-SQL Server, dBase)

Web Applications programming

HTML, CSS, XML, mod_perl, JavaScript

RDF and OWL Semantic Web technologies and ontology design

Solaris (UNIX) and Linux system administration

Apache Web Server administration, including mod_perl administration

Workflow and pipeline development

Troubleshooting from application to component level (MacOS  and OS X, Solaris and Linux, Windows)