Internships & Career Readiness

PAH Internships

Develop Career Readiness While Making Meaningful Contributions to Life in the Community and Beyond

Applied Humanities students prepare for their future by gaining insight into their important career-advancing and transferable skills, contributing to partner organizations in meaningful and substantive ways, developing entrepreneurial and collaboration skills, and exploring and enhancing life in the community and beyond. The required internship and career readiness experiences bolster student confidence and understanding of the job market and careers that await upon graduating from the university.

For Students: Planning Your Internship and Career Readiness Experiences 

Details: In addition to completing challenging and future-oriented humanities and emphasis-area coursework, where you gain innovative skills that allow you to convert understanding into action, you'll complete three semesters of career readiness coursework.
The first course is PAH 383 (Pre-Internship: Building Career Readiness). Participation in the course helps you identify transferable skills, creates opportunities for career discovery, and provides guidance on developing or enhancing tools needed for careers, such as resumes, cover letters, and professional pitches. The suggested timing for this course is during your sophomore year.
The second course in the sequence is PAH 493 (Internship), and is designed to maximize specific learning during the 120 contact hours required to earn three units. Students gain diverse skillsets while completing internships in varied industries and with public and private organizations, located locally and globally. You may also use the internship to explore your own entrepreneurial interests.
The third course is PAH 498 (Senior Capstone). This culminating course in the sequence helps you synthesize the career readiness learning and experiences you have accumulated while working on your Applied Humanities degree. The course emphasizes broadly comprehensive knowledge about life skills and personal self-knowledge practices, and is intended to bolster your confidence for, and understanding of, possible life paths that await you upon graduating from the University.
Finding an Internship: Much like when you launch your career, it is your responsibility to search for and secure your internship. The task of searching for an internship may feel overwhelming—this is common. Every Applied Humanities student is supported by the Internship Team—Stephanie Springer and Brittney Crawford—during the internship search (which begins during PAH 383) and throughout the internship itself.
Once you've secured an internship, you'll collaborate with the Internship Team and your mentor or supervisor at your internship organization to formalize the experience with the UA by submitting an Internship Work Plan. As a note, for academic credit to be awarded, the University requires (1) you to be enrolled in PAH 493 during the same term that you're completing your internship contact hours, and (2) you to participate in the PAH 493 class activities.


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:
  • What kinds of internships have other Applied Humanities students completed?
    • Internship opportunities abound for students in the Applied Humanities. We've had students intern with a southern Arizona social media strategy consulting group, a Phoenix small business, nonprofits based out of Tucson, Phoenix, and Washington DC, a California real estate agency, an international beauty supplier, an Atlanta modeling and artist representation agency, a fashion and beauty TikTok influencer, a Tucson physical therapy provider, a COVID contact tracing team, a rural community food bank, a Tucson architecture firm, a Sacramento design and construction company, the UA Design Lab, and with branches of national companies including Honda and Penske. We’ve also had students launch their own creative-focused small business. Read advice from Applied Humanities who have already completed their internships by checking out the Internship Spotlights below.
  • What should I do when I have additional questions?

For Partner Organizations: Hosting an Intern

Supporting Student Learning: The internship experience is a carefully monitored learning experience in which a student has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what they are learning, while also completing work that is meaningful and substantive for the partner organization. Each internship experience is individually designed, and planned for with insight from the student intern, site supervisor, and Internship Team. 
Partner Organization Benefit: When hosting an intern, partner organizations benefit from the student intern’s fresh perspective and enthusiasm for learning. Often, due to the student’s meaningful contributions, there is increased productivity and added capacity to advance special projects and initiatives. An additional benefit is that the partnership creates a pipeline of future employees. 
Learn More: Read more about internship policies, frequently asked questions, and expectations of partner agencies by reviewing the Department's Internship Manual
Share Your Opportunities: Partner organizations are invited to advertise internship and/or career opportunities to students through targeted advertisements to Applied Humanities students, and through Handshake, the free online career platform which the University uses for internship and job announcements. 

Student Internship Spotlights

Marketing and Data Analytics

Discount Tire

Vicente Martinez interned with Discount Tire and gained experience in business marketing and data analytics.

Global Business Operations and Marketing Strategy

Miracle Beauty

Fahed Alneyadi interned with Miracle Beauty and gained experience in multi-national business operations and marketing strategy.

Insurance Sales and Customer Service

Aflac Insurance

Dani Martos utilized her bilingual communication skills in sales and built confidence in her professional communication and networking abilities at Aflac.

Launching a K-pop and Wearables Accessories Shop

Pocket Crush

Yaning Inzunza developed her creative and entrepreneurship skills, as she launched her own business, Pocket Crush.

Executing Brand Campaigns

Kevlar Rose Agency

Michelle Toom interned with Kevlar Rose, a creative talent agency, and gained experience executing brand campaigns.

Social Media Talent Management

The Clementine Group

Bridget Campbell developed skills in talent management at a remote startup creator agency.

Door to Door Sales

NorthStar Home

Edward Salido interned with NorthStar Home and gained skills in perseverance and communication.

Creating Pandemic Education Activities


Karina Martínez partnered with global collaborators to create Corona-Ninjas, a coronavirus educational program for primary-school aged kids.

Event Planning for a Fashion, Beauty, and Culture Magazine

Issued Magazine

Sarah Guinn conducted research and did outreach to plan events in collaboration with influencers and brands.

Sustainable Fashion Research


Arabella Gonzalez pursued her interests in sustainable fashion and expanded her research skills as a remote intern at Eco-Stylist.

Event Planning & Coordination

Men's Esthetician Conference and Associates (MECA)

Kristine Werschler led the planning, vendor coordination, and promotion of a large-scale professional conference.

College Recruiting

The University of Arizona's College of Humanities

Taylor Mandell interned with the College of Humanities and gained experience in college recruitment.

Insurance Sales and Administration

Farmers Insurance

Darionne Williams developed skills in insurance sales while enhancing her customer service and administration experience at Farmers Insurance.

Professional Athlete Training

Built Better AZ

Jeremy Gabriele supported his former hockey mentor in his new professional sports training business.

Product Positioning and Branding

A Golf Agency - "AG"

Alex Vaughan leveraged his network to secure an internship with A Golf Agency, and his contributions were focused on product positioning and marketing of boutique golf brands.

Entrepreneurial Herbal Tea Business

Herbs & Love LLC

Matea Villegas co-founded and runs an herbal tea brand, Herbs & Love LLC.

Event Planning and Fundraising

Child Health & Resilience Mastery (CHARM)

Judith Burrola gained skills in fundraising and event planning during her internship with Child Health & Resilience Mastery.

Office Management and Customer Service

Illinois Cheer Enterprises

Marren Pollack interned with Illinois Cheer Enterprises and gained experience in office management and customer service.

Clinical and Patient Comfort Care

Banner University Medical Center

Jayne Reines was selected as a Patient Experience intern with Banner University Medical Center and gained insight into clinical and patient comfort care.

Digital Story Archiving

The University of Arizona's iVoices Lab

Ielyzaveta Vilchynska contributed to a digital story archiving project with iVoices Lab to understand students' stories about tech in their lives.

Mentoring Prospective Humanities Students

The University of Arizona's College of Humanities

Isela Aguilar Gamez interned with the College of Humanities and provided mentoring to prospective humanities students.

Event Promotion

Monster Energy Up & Up Arizona Festival

Tess Ortega gained skills in communication, sales, and marketing through event promotion at Monster Energy Up & Up Arizona Festival.

Vintage Fashion Reselling and Brand Development

Lemonn Vuitton

Acacia Reeder pursued an entrepreneurial internship to expand her vintage fashion resell business, Lemonn Vuitonn.

Enterprise Communications and Human Resources

Golden1 Credit Union

Sarah Guinn enhanced her communication skills and earned a human resources certification in her internship at Golden1 Credit Union.

Design Thinking and Creative Problem Solving

UA Cares

Katya Mata interned with the University of Arizona Design Project and applied design thinking and creative problem solving strategies to make important contributions to the UA Cares program.

Client Data Reporting and Data Visualization

Wildfire Corporation

Joey Park interned with Wildfire Corporation and gained experience in client data reporting and data visualization

Environmental Monitoring and Reporting

Delta Land Services

Matthew Guerin interned with Delta Land Services and contributed to environmental monitoring and reporting in the Gulf Coast area.

Digital Marketing

Modern Mutual Mortgage, LLC

Cameron Peron interned with Modern Mutual Mortgage, LLC and gained experience in digital marketing.

Sales in the EdTech industry

Curriculum Associates

Calvin Welch interned with Curriculum Associates and gained experience in the EdTech sales industry.

Supporting Children as a Registered Behavior Technician


Brandyn Blissitt interned with UCPSA-Ascend and provided reliable and compassionate care to children with disabilities.

Visual Merchandising Management

Winston Retail

Ashley Robertson supported account management and training and leveled-up her Excel skills at Winston Retail.

Addressing the Intersections of Immigration and Justice

La Universidad de La Rioja

Elli Samberg partnered with global collaborators to address immigration issues in relation to the UN's sustainable development goal, “Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.”

Client Management


Courtney Linke interned with Paradox, an AI-recruitment technology company, and gained skills in client management.

Using Found Sounds to Create Soundscapes


Gigi Robinson interned with LitLabs to gain experience in audio production through the creation of an EP utilizing sounds from everyday life.

Youth Coaching and Sports Photography

North Country Sports Academy

Logan McLaughlin practiced his coaching skills while also learning a new skill in sports photography at North County Sports Academy.

Commercial Real Estate

Matthews Real Estate Investment Services

Will Liebes interned with a commercial real estate agency and gained industry-specific knowledge and business management skills.

Authoring National Policy Reports and Communications

American Public Human Services Association

Madison Doser interned with the American Public Human Services Association and authored national policy reports and communications.

Sports and Community Journalism

Coronado Eagle & Journal

Jack Simon interned with his local newspaper, the Coronado Eagle and Journal, to explore sports journalism and build his network.

Human Resources Research


Gerui Zhang interned with PwC and gained experience conducting research on trends and programming in human resources.

Spatial and Portfolio Design

Yentema Sambiani developed her spatial and portfolio design skills during her creative focused internship.

Data Reporting and Visualization

The University of Arizona Foundation

Luis Benitez interned with The University of Arizona's Foundation and gained skills in data reporting and visualization.

Archiving and Cataloging Rare Books

Stock Book and Paper Restoration

Thomas Pineau-Valencienne combined his interests in business and classics interning at Book and Paper Toronto to expand his writing, sales, and communication skills in a remote setting.

AutoCAD and Construction Design


Samuel Nunez interned with PepsiCo and gained experience with construction design.

Clothing Brand Entrepreneur


Vanessa Centorami developed her entrepreneurship skills, as she launched her own clothing brand, ICYY.

Fashion-focused Public Relations

Michele Marie PR

McKenna Murphy interned with Michele Marie PR and gained experience in fashion-focused public relations.

Data Analytics and Marketing

Cold Chain Technologies

Justin Miller interned with Cold Chain Technologies, a healthcare supply chain company, expanding his marketing and data management skills.

Entrepreneurial Drone Photogrammetry Business

Sonoran Asset Development

Alex Rodriguez pursued his passion for drone photogrammetry, the science of taking measurements from photographs, by launching his own business.

Insurance Claims Processing

State Farm Insurance

Nolan Powers completed the summer internship program with the Property & Casualty Claims Department at State Farm Insurance.

Data Insights and Business Analytics


Harmon Brinson interned with Roche and gained skills in data insights and business analytics while making contributions to a global biotech company.

Creating Creative Content


Grace Hohn interned with Hadobody and created creative content for a lifestyle wellness and sustainable brand.

Retail Merchandising Operations


Isabel Black interned with Crate&Barrel and gained experience with retail merchandising operations.

Nonprofit Development and Donor Relations

Child Crisis Arizona

Emilia Alcantar gained experience managing philanthropy for a nonprofit dedicated to supporting Arizona's families.

Sales and Salesforce


Tommy Trudeau interned with BraunAbility and gained skills in accessible vehicle sales and Salesforce technology.

Entrepreneurship and Re-Branding

During her internship, Nina Ocampo sought out feedback for her entrepreneurial pursuits and re-branded her own clothing company.

Fashion-focused Retailing

(W) Boutique

Jaxyn Fetherling interned with (W) Boutique and gained experience in fashion-focused retailing.

COVID-19 Contact Tracing

The University of Arizona's Covid-19 Contact Tracing Team

Marissa Shupe interned with the University of Arizona's COVID-19 Contact Tracing team and helped protect the public's health during the pandemic.

Contributing to Local Journalism

The Orinda News

Annabella Booth interned with The Orinda News and contributed to local journalism.

Liaising with Veterans Affairs

Pima Community College's Military and Veterans Services Office

Chance Majarian interned with the Pima Community College's Military and Veterans Services Office and provided services to veterans enrolled in classes at Pima Community College.

Museum Collections and Research

Tucson Center for Black Life

Safia Francis interned with the Tucson Center for Black Life and gained experience in museum inventorying, cataloging, and researching artifacts.

College Recruitment and Retention

The University of Arizona's College of Humanities

Madilynn Melodia interned with the College of Humanities and gained experience in college recruitment and retention.

Client Services and Product Sales

Curriculum Associates

Mia Loisel interned with Curriculum Associates and gained experience in the education services industry.

Fashion-focused Public Relations


Shannon Leahy interned with CLD PR and gained experience in fashion-focused public relations.

Health Education with a Health Disparities Focus

The University of Arizona's Sarver Heart Center

Genevieve Craven interned with the University of Arizona's Sarver Heath Center and delivered health education with a health disparities focus.

Digital Art Entrepreneur

Art Prints by Victoria

Victoria Meisinger developed her entrepreneurship skills, as she launched her own digital art small business, ArtPrintsbyVictoria.

Tackling Food Insecurity

Greater Vail Community ReSources

Luis Ateca interned with ReSources and gained experience in grassroot responses to food insecurity.

Fashion Styling & Product Development


Tyler Haller gained fashion styling, product development, and public speaking skills in her internship with Sportiqe

Office Management and Excel Skills

Office of James Rough, MD

Nicole Rodriguez interned with the Office of James Rough, MD, and gained office management and Excel skills.

Development and Communications

314 Action

Taylor Gonsalves interned with 314 Action in Washington, DC, and gained experience in donor research and public relations.

Product Research and Customer Service

Discount Tire

Davian Valencia took on a research and customer education role in his position at Discount Tire.

Launching an eCommerce Storefront


Madeline Diggs interned with Inthai in Barcelona, Spain, and helped launch the furniture design company's eCommerce storefront.

High-End and Luxury Personal Styling

Neiman Marcus

Brynn Butler interned at Neiman Marcus and developed skills in high-end and luxury personal styling.

Fashion-focused Sales, Merchandising, and Buying

Grand Central Clothing

Page Pursley interned with Grand Central Clothing and gained experience in fashion-focused sales, merchandising, and buying.

Youth Mentorship and Resiliency Building

Future for KIDS

Daniel Fuentes supported youth navigating school and life challenges at Future for KIDS.

Community Public Health Education

Arizona Youth Partnership

Emma Richardson enhanced her communication skills teaching youth health programs.

Nutrition & Public Health Research


Mallory Kreider developed research and project management skills by pitching an internship to develop nutrition information for a local business.

Community Public Health

Clinica Amistad

Zyanya Salinas supported clinicians and patients at a free health clinic serving Tucson’s low-income, uninsured community.

Sharing the Benefits of a Humanities Education

The University of Arizona's College of Humanities

Madison Doser interned with the College of Humanities and preached the benefits of a Humanities education.

Leadership and Collaborative Problem Solving

Sugarhill Community Land Trust

Darionne Williams applied leadership and collaborative problem solving strategies to make important contributions to the Sugarhill Community Land Trust.

Residential Real Estate

Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty

Michael Benedict pitched an internship at Sotheby’s International Realty to expand his knowledge of residential real estate and build skills in marketing and interpersonal communication.

Sports Sales and Operations

Tucson Sugar Skulls

Nic Griffin interned with Tucson Sugar Skulls and gained experience with sports sales and game day operations.

New Venture Development and Entrepreneurship

Elevate Branding

Josh Brandlen developed skills in new venture development and entrepreneurship with his launch of Elevate Branding.

Retail Business Management

Safeway Inc.

Jesus Ortega interned with Safeway Inc. and gained experience in business administration and customer relations.

Small Business Administration

Angel's Pallet, LLC

Monica Carranza interned with Angel Pallet, LLC, and gained experience in Quicken, Excel, and other aspects of managing a small business.

Non-profit Marketing and Development


Lauren Beers interned with ACCEL and gained experience with marketing and development in the non-profit sector.

Social Media Management and Marketing

Butterfly Social Media Management Services

Liz Prado interned with Butterfly Social Media Management Services and gained skills in social media management and marketing.

Processing Patient Health Requests

United Health Group / Optum

Baude Arvizu de Ramirez interned with UnitedHealth Group/Optum to process health requests for members and insurance providers.

Learning from Student Stories

The University of Arizona's iVoices Lab

Kali Stecker contributed to the iVoices Lab to understand how students shape stories through social media and how social media shapes our world.

Healing Techniques

Tucson Biofeedback

Anna Jovien joined Tucson Biofeedback's team for her internship and gained insight into frequency healing techniques.

Customer Service and Sales

T&T Coast Buick GMC

Mackenzie Dunne interned with T&T Coast Buick GMC and gained experience in customer service and sales.

Emergency Medicine Education

U.S. Department of Defense

James Hanna provided field and clinical emergency medical training for Army Reservists during his internship with the U.S. Department of Defense.

College Success Coaching & Recruitment

Earn to Learn

Antonieta Medina developed skills in public speaking, communication, and using technical skills to develop promotional materials with Earn to Learn.

Coffee Farming and Production

Monarch Coffee

Kaelyn Carlson-Shipley interned with Monarch Coffee in Hawaii and gained experience in coffee farming and production.

Fashion Merchandising & Social Media Management


Brooke Spencer developed skills in fashion merchandising and social media content management as a sales associate at Swindlers.

Social Media Content Creation

Wagner Perspective

Kelsey Grijalva developed skills in content strategy and media creation at a social media agency that specializes in working with creative entrepreneurs.

Sales and Market Research

Carolina Thomas, LLC

Emma Barrington interned with Carolina Thomas and gained experience with school bus sales and market research.

Graphic Design & Project Management

Sol Haus Design

Sadie Beebe reached out to a local design firm to land an internship at Sol Haus Design and built skills in client communication and project management.

Donor Development and Alumni Relations

Eller College of Management

Brooke Elford interned with the Eller College of Management and gained experience in donor development and alumni relations.

Empowering Women Through GED Tutoring

YWCA of Southern Arizona

Alice Dewes empowered women through her GED tutoring services provided during her internship with the YWCA of Southern Arizona.

Health and Medical Advocacy

International Rescue Committee

Anthony Margules interned with the International Rescue Committee and advocated for the healthcare needs of refugee and asylee clients.

Classroom Student Engagement


Lingxuan Li interned with LitLabs and contributed to classroom student engagement.

College Recruitment and Marketing

The University of Arizona's College of Humanities

Natali Dueñez interned with the College of Humanities and gained experience in college recruitment and marketing.

Tutoring Students with Disabilities

Pima Community College's Project SOAR

Adonis Archer interned with Project SOAR at Pima Community College to serve students with disabilities and gain experience in higher education.

Interior Design Program Management

Pahlisch Commercial

Savanah Smith developed her interior design program management skills while interning with Pahlisch Commercial.

Creative Directing

Mac Duggal

Sydney Shanine interned with Mac Duggal and gained experience in creative directing in the fashion industry.

Digital Media Planning and Sales

NBC Universal Media

Josh Brandlen interned at NBC Universal and gained experience in digital media planning and sales.

Entrepreneurial Tech Start-up


Zoey Block developed her own tech start-up specializing in e-commerce customer support.

Music-focused Event Planning

DUSK Music Festival

Kayla DeStefano interned with DUSK Music Festival and gained experience with the music industry and festival planning.

Sporting Good Sales & Customer Support

Paddle Palace

Ayllon Giladi followed his passion for table tennis to pitch and land an internship in sales, product merchandising, and operations at Paddle Palace.

Digital Marketing within the Tourism Industry

Tourian Travel

Chaeyun Jung interned with Tourian Travel and developed digital marketing skills.

Fostering Life Skills

LifeSTEP (Life Skills Training and Enhancement Program)

Lindsey Riordan taught life skills to school-aged youth as part of her internship with LifeSTEP.

Small Business Hospitality

d'Vine Wine

Lauren Gustafson interned with d'Vine Wine and gained experience working in the hospitality industry.

Finance and Product Line Estimating

Raytheon Technologies

Krystin Vidal interned with Raytheon Technologies and gained experience in product line estimating and financial analyzing.

Non-profit Operations Management

Crafting Kind Kids

Sheridan Rodich interned with Crafting Kind Kids and developed skills in non-profit operations management.

Soccer Operations

FC Tucson

Carter Noble interned with FC Tucson and gained experience with soccer game day and 'behind-the-scene' club operations.

SALT Center Ambassador

The University of Arizona's SALT Center

Mikaela Zamora educated prospective students and families about University of Arizona’s SALT Center supports student success.

Shipping Operations


Ethan Ten gained insight into shipping operations with his internship at Spongellé.

Addressing Arizona Public Policy

Arizona State Legislature

Jen Martinez served on the Health and Human Services Committee in the Arizona State Senate.

Exploring Career Advancement Opportunities

Joseph Rivard provided telecommunications relay and interpreting service for the hearing impaired while exploring career advancement opportunities.

Creative Pursuits and Entrepreneurship

Slip Stitch Witch Co

Emily Hansen pursued her creative pursuits and learned about entrepreneurship during her internship.

Environmental Engineering Planning & Project Management

NextGen Engineering

Katia Swanson supported current projects, project proposals, and contractor communication at NextGen Engineering.

Fashion and Beauty TikTok Influencing

Sarah Scoop

Samantha Steinberg interned with Sarah Scoop and gained experience in social media influencing.

Business Management and Operations

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Melyssa Smith pursued her goal of gaining business management and food service operations experience by expanding her responsibilities at Chipotle.

Market Research and Sales in Fintech

City Express Money Transfer

Miash Shrestha interned with City Express Money Transfer in Japan to gain experience in the fintech industry and develop market research and sales skills.

Business Management


KT Simmons completed Enterprises Rent-A-Car’s Management Internship Program, gaining skills in problem-solving, adaptability, and communication.

Parametric Design

Tectonicus Constructs, LLC

Cameron Behning interned with Tectonicus Constructs, LLC, and made parametric design contributions to a US Department of Energy solar panel project.

Insurance Sales and Customer Service


Dee Matteson built communication, adaptability, and public speaking skills at her internship with Aflac.

Design and Construction Engineering

Hensel Phelps

Nick Woehrel interned with Hensel Phelps and gained experience in design and construction engineering.

Social Media & Fashion e-Commerce Management

Aquarius Cocktail Fashion Company

Jesi Rabinowitz developed a diverse fashion business management skill set interning at Aquarius Cocktail, a women's designer apparel brand.

Financial Education for a Housing Non-Profit Organization

Family Housing Resources

Sahnobiah Swaso collaborated with the financial education team within the non-profit organization Family Housing Resources to conduct research and develop project management skills.

Software & Technology Sales


Elliot Bakker sharpened his communication and interpersonal skills as an intern at AMD.

Contributing to Public-Facing Humanities Education


Teagan Watkins interned with LitLabs and contributed to students' understanding of public-facing humanities education.

Accounts Receivable

Scott Robinson Honda

Xavier Bell interned with Scott Robinson Honda and gained experience in accounting and financial reporting.

Launching a Community Perseverance Center

Tucson Center for Black Life

Kaylee Taray interned with the Tucson Center for Black Life and gained experience in launching a new organization.

Casino Management and Sportsbook Guest Services

Horse Palace

Mary Karlene Cisneros applied her background in horse racing to casino and sportsbook management.

Physical Therapy

Athlon Physical Therapy

Jason Hale interned with Athlon Physical Therapy and gained experience in patient services and therapy practices.

Fashion Marketing and E-Commerce

Beach Riot

Kylie Soto gained both technical and professional skills as a marketing intern with Beach Riot Swim & Activewear.

Networking while Consulting

ATP Solutions

Alden Willett gained expanded her network during her internship with consulting company, ATP Solutions.

Nanny turned Entrepreneur

The Nanny Entrepreneur

Katelyn Cole developed her business and innovation skills, as she explored entrepreneurship opportunities in the nannying industry.

Sales Data Quality


Alexandra Huguez completed a remote internship in sales data quality with an HR solutions software company.

Administrative Support and Event Organizing

Gentle Dental Care

Jordanna Skopp provided administrative and event planning support, and gained experience in social media marketing at a dental office.

Delivering Culinary Arts Instruction

Mica Mountain High School

Hannah Stevens assisted with the delivery of a culinary arts curriculum during her internship at a local high school.

Applying Design Thinking to Community Engagement

SECD Design Projects

Zuleth Gomez completed a Design Project internship with the Office of Student Engagement and Career Development.

Entrepreneurial e-Commerce Business

Born to Accessorize

Kimberly Martinez launched an e-commerce accessories business, Born to Accessorize.

Music Talent Management

Mint Talent Group

Rita Panico interned with Mint Talent Group and gained experience in music talent management.

Business Marketing

Rethink Loyalty

Jacqueline Myers completed her internship with Rethink Loyalty, gaining skills in market research, project management, graphic design, and Excel.

Peer Career Coaching

UA Student Engagement & Career Development

Bridget Campbell supported UA students in their career discovery and job and internship searches as a Career Peer Coach.

Social Media Management and Branding

The Mayfair Group

Isabel Harshe gained skills in brand strategy by managing TikTok content for The Mayfair Group.

Non-profit Development and Fundraising

The University of Arizona Campus Pantry

Sophia Smith-Gatto interned with the University of Arizona's Campus Pantry and developed skills in non-profit development and fundraising.

Graphic Design for a Rebranded Non-profit

Tucson Center for Black Life

Tiana Beauregard interned with the Tucson Center for Black Life and gained experience in graphic and logo design for a rebranded non-profit.

Social Media Marketing & Business Management

Con's Closet

Ari Papadopoulos gained experience in small business management, developing skills in that ranged from merchandising, social media, and patchwork sewing.

Addressing Health Disparities

The University of Arizona's Asian Pacific American Student Affairs

Kharen Morgan gained experience in using social media platforms to address health disparities during her internship with the UA's Asian Pacific American Student Affairs.

Social Media Content Creator

The American Literary Translators Association

Maria Torres created social media content for The American Literary Translators Association.

Human Resources & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

CVS Health

Maria Gago gained knowledge in human resources principles and skills in data analytics and communication as a Human Resources Intern with CVS Health.

Commercial Real Estate

Larsen Baker

Alyssa Marquez gained experience in commercial real estate management, administration, and planning at Larsen Baker.

Applied Humanities Education and Event Planning


Stephanie Husman interned with LitLabs and mentored students learning about applied humanities.

Sales, Acquisitions, and Mergers

Triavo Health

Emeline Rhoads interned with Triavo Health and gained experience in sales, acquisitions, and mergers.

Human Resources Management

Orveon Global

Jordanna Skopp interned with Orveon Global and gained experience in human resource management for the beauty industry.

Business Management


Emily Ramirez completed Enterprises Rent-A-Car’s Management Internship Program, gaining skills in business operations, innovation, and colleagueship.

Silkscreen Production and Business Operations

INX Prints

Molly Haase interned with INX Prints and gained silkscreen production and business operation skills.

Peer Mentoring

Project FOCUS

Jazy Farmer-Hite provided support for students with disabilities in inclusive University environments and gained skills in communication and problem solving.

Cancer Prevention and Control

Student Transformative Experiences to Progress Under-represented Professionals

Kharen Morgan completed an internship with STEP-UP and contributed to important research in cancer prevention and control.

Sustainable Interior and Architectural Design

Whitman Architectural Design

Sadie Beebe developed skills design, collaboration, and project management at Whitman Architectural Design firm.

Hobbyist turned Entrepreneur


Zsalina Allen developed her entrepreneurship skills, as she launched her polymer clay small business, ZsasClayCreations.

Environmental Science Education

The University of Arizona's Bio/Diversity Project

Kyra Seigla interned with the University of Arizona's Bio/Diversity Program and contributed to sixth grade environmental science education.

Web Communications Management

Masters Barber Lounge

Haolin "Harry" Wang pitched an internship idea to a local business, and he became the company's Web Communications Manager.

Solar Energy Sales & Marketing

Genesis Power Solutions

Victoria Lindsey developed her interpersonal communication conducting solar energy marketing and sales.

Delivering Performance Training Programs

Elite U Advanced Sports Performance & Fitness Training

Mackenzie Barile interned with Elite U Advanced Sports and gained experience in delivering performance training programs for athletes.

Mining Resource Sales, Services, & Technology


Daniel Calderas interned with the Resource Industries Mining Center of Excellence division at Caterpillar where he expanded his network and built his marketing, service, and sales skills.

Social Media Content Creation

HiFi Social

Cecily Rauh managed five social media accounts and supported public relations strategy for HiFi Social.

Research for a Healthcare Documentary

America's Health

Olivia Babler-Lopez pitched an internship to conduct research on U.S. healthcare policies and practices for a documentary.

Aviation-focused Interior Design


Angela Montano interned with Bombardier and gained experience in aviation-focused interior design.

Small Business Operations

Rosa's Chamoy

Claudio Othon interned with Rosa's Chamoy and gained experience in small business operations.

Recruiting New Wildcats

The University of Arizona Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Tara Murthy interned with The University of Arizona's Office of Undergraduate Admissions and gained experience in university admissions and customer service.

Fashion Business Logistics and Consulting

True Grit Clothing

Andy Mangano tapped into his network to intern at True Grit Clothing and gain skills in logistics and fashion consulting.

Fashion Buying

Ross Dress for Less

Sarah Dugally interned with Ross Dress for Less and gained experience in fashion buying.