PAH Internships

Gain Career Experience While Making Meaningful Contributions to Life in the Community and Beyond

Through for-credit internships, Applied Humanities students contribute to partner agencies in meaningful and substantive ways, gaining skill in collaboration, converting understanding into action, and exploring and enhancing life in the community and beyond. The internship experience bolsters student confidence and understanding of the job market and careers that await upon graduating from the university.

For Students: Planning Your Internship

Details: The 3-unit internship experience is individually designed to maximize student specific learning during the 120 contact hours. The suggested timing of the internship is during the student’s junior year, during the fall, spring, or summer term. Internships can be paid or unpaid, part-time, or full-time. Public and private agencies are equally acceptable as hosts. Internships can be completed in Tucson or anywhere in the world. Learn more about internship policies, frequently asked questions, and support provided to the student by reviewing the Department's Internship Manual
Finding an Internship: Internship opportunities abound for students in the Applied Humanities. Much like when launching one’s career, it is each student’s responsibility to search for and secure their internship. 

The task of searching for an internship may feel overwhelming—rest assured that is a common feeling. Every Applied Humanities student is welcome to consult with the Internship Director—Stephanie Springer—during the internship search and throughout the internship itself. 

Stephanie provides guidance to students with their internship search through the required course “PAH 383 Pre-Internship: Building Career Readiness.” Plan to complete PAH 383 the semester before you wish to begin your internship.

Enroll in PAH 493: Once an internship is secured, the student collaborates with the partner agency to formalize the experience with the UA by submitting an Internship Work Plan. As a note, for academic credit to be awarded, the University requires (1) students be enrolled in PAH 493 during the same term that they are completing their contact hours; and (2) students complete academic assignments related to their internship experience.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

  • What kinds of internships have Applied Humanities students completed?
    • Students are gaining diverse skillsets while completing internships in varied industries. We have had students intern with a Washington DC non-profit, a southern Arizona social media strategy consulting group, a Phoenix small business, a California real estate agency, a Tucson physical therapy provider, the county government in Los Angeles, a Tucson architecture firm, a Sacramento design and construction company, the UA Design Lab, and with branches of national companies, including Honda and Penske. 
  • Are students still restricted to fully remote internships?
    • Given Covid-19, fully remote internships remain the preferred type of internship as a remote internship is the least likely to be disrupted due to circumstances outside of our control.  
  • Can I pursue an internship that involves in-person activities?
    • Yes, given updated University policy, credit can be earned for in-person internship activities only when the internship meets certain safety conditions and your internship site supervisor is willing to complete and sign the University’s Assessment of Recommended Covid-19 Workplace Risk Management Protocols for Credit-bearing Experiential Learning Activities.  

For Partner Agencies: Hosting an Intern

Supporting Student Learning: The internship experience is a carefully monitored learning experience in which a student has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what they are learning, while also completing work that is meaningful and substantive for the partner agency. Each internship experience is individually designed, and planned for with insight from the student intern, site supervisor, and Internship Director. 
Partner Agencies Benefit: When hosting an intern, partner agencies benefit from the student intern’s fresh perspective and enthusiasm for learning. Often, due to the student’s meaningful contributions, there is increased productivity and added capacity to advance special projects and initiatives. An additional benefit is that the partnership creates a pipeline of future employees. 
Learn More: Read more about internship policies, frequently asked questions, and expectations of partner agencies by reviewing the Department's Internship Manual
Share Your Opportunities: Partner agencies are invited to advertise internship and/or career opportunities to students through targeted advertisments to Applied Humanities students, or through Handshake, the UA’s database for internship and job announcements.